What is the self?

addition to traditional ways of learning, that is learned in school or other educational institution, there are alternative methods of education.Sometimes they are even more effective lessons, as selected individually.

What is the self?

Self-education is a way to acquire new knowledge without the participation of teachers and outside the school.This method of learning contributes to the development of thinking.Education and self-education are integral parts of the full development of the individual.

Self develops confidence.Man should strive to gain new knowledge and never rest on our laurels.This is key to a successful future.

Self-education in some cases, can completely replace the process of learning in a school or other educational institutions.This is primarily suited for children who, for whatever reason, can not attend school, but aspire to new knowledge.Work on self-education has to be organized in this case the parents or by the child himself, if he is an adult and can independently allocate their time.

Self-education of preschool children.What is the essence?

At preschool age child learns new skills at a high speed.Knowledge of the world is happening in the game.In this case, the formation takes place naturally and not too tired child.At that age it is impossible to force a child to learn.If he does not want the rest of the book for hours, the repetition of syllables and letters of no help.

For preschoolers need a different approach to learning.Their self to take the form of the game.It can be various educational intelligence activities that will interest your child.House parents themselves can identify those activities that like their children, and based on them to teach.For example, a child likes to put puzzles.This game is perfectly suited for self-education.You can buy or make your own puzzles with letters and numbers.


Self-education in preschool institutions and limited the scope of possibilities educator.But with the right approach to teach children in the team even easier than each child separately.The team quickly children learn from each other.

baby to be interesting to receive new knowledge, the process of pre-school education in kindergarten must be properly organized.Self-education teacher, which performs the role the teacher should also be permanent.The use of modern methods of early childhood development in a team contributes to the manifestation of not only intellectual ability, but also creative.

Self-education in preschool has its difficulties.The level of development of children who go to the same group, can vary greatly.Then some kids just will not keep up with the others, and lose interest in the game or employment.The main task of the educator - time to notice that the child became bored and cleverly drag it into the process again.Or, if the majority of these children, quickly change occupation.

What is self-education student?

school program is designed so that most of the students' knowledge must be obtained independently.What is the self in school, it can be understood by looking at the child's diary.A lot of homework suggests that, in addition to learning in class, the student will be engaged at home.

Sometimes this system of acquiring knowledge, on the contrary, hinders the development of children.Instead of learning something new, the child must solve the tenth example of the same type.And some children and ten examples are not enough to learn a new subject.

curiosity of children is not limited to the school curriculum.Especially the program for the children are adults, and the interests of the child takes little account.A person of any age need to develop in different directions, but preference should be given to employment, which are of greatest interest.

example, a child does not like math, but perfectly applies to literature.In this case, it makes him all day to pull the math is not necessary, no good will not.What lesson should then enter the self?Mathematics must remain a priority subject in school and on consultation with the teacher.Independently little child can learn, if he is not interested.

What is self at school age?Self-

child may be in addition to the primary school curriculum, or the development of creativity.Also, it can completely replace the self-employment in an educational institution.

As a complement to schoolwork self is present in the learning process of each child.All teachers set homework passed on the lessons of topics.The aim is to test how the pupil has learned the material obtained.Also, this method of teaching is used to consolidate the material.

a similar way, you can pull up those topics objects that the child can not learn.For example, if it is not clear any rules of spelling, it is necessary to work out on the subject at home.If the child himself wants to understand a complex subject for him, the lesson home to him will be only joy.Otherwise, without the help of the teacher can not do.

Development of creative potential

methods of creative talents of the child can be seen as self-education.Children also includes the direction of its energy in the right direction.

If your child is mobile and active, he just needed to exercise an extra splash of energy and the formation of character.

time to notice the unusual abilities of the child is the responsibility of parents and teachers.If your child prefers to music lessons, then forced to give it to the sports section are not the best solution.Physical development is also important, but not to the detriment of the child.It is not necessary to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams at the expense of children.To ensure the full development of the child - the primary task of parents.

How to teach, if the child does not want to learn?

There is a category of parents who say their child not interested in anything, and work on self-education is not carried out.Most of these parents simply do not know how to communicate with their children and do not see their interests.If the child does not devote sufficient attention, you can miss important moments in his development as a person.

If the child likes to sit at the computer, it is not necessary, he does not want to learn.Maybe he does not like to read books.In this case, you can use the electronic tools and all kinds of presentations.Only worth considering that the time that the child spends the monitor should not exceed the permissible norms for his age.And if he learns at the computer, then it should play in the street.

interest in the work of the computer and computer programs may also talk about creativity.If a child has a desire to understand the operation, and even more so if it it turns out, it is not necessary to limit it.Parents may not coincide with the interests of the child.Perhaps this is the future computer genius.

Self-education instead

In contrast to the self-education promotes a free person, not limited by the scope of the institution.Communication in a group of peers is necessary, but sometimes a child's development is superior to the level of his classmates.And then the school curriculum only hindered its development.

Home schooling allows you to build your own comfortable schedule their training.Of course, it is only by older children who know what they want and what is important to them.By this method of teaching seek professional athletes, or other creative people whose way of life does not allow them to attend school.

People with disabilities can also get a degree as an external student.Not all schools are equipped for special children, but some schools and high schools are taking exams in children homeschooled and issue certificates on the basis of completion of education.

Why deprive a child educated at home?

For some self-complete may be unacceptable.This is primarily due to the fact that the child may eventually deliberately refuse to communicate with children.For the development of social skills of human communication with peers should start from an early age.

If parents decided to leave the child in the home the individual training, the lack of communication with children should be compensated in other areas of his life.For example, games with their peers in the yard or visiting various sections and groups.

Particular attention should be given for Child homeschooled.He should be chosen taking into account its interests and include compulsory subjects of the school curriculum in the right quantity.

Organization of child self

help the child realize their talents is easy if you know what self-education, as well as how to organize it.This relates primarily to additional classes, visits to sections of circles.This kind of self-education aims to develop the individual qualities of the child.

visiting various exhibitions and museums, the person receives a general knowledge that it is always useful in life.If you vaccinate a child with a childhood love of art, in the future, this knowledge will be felt good taste.

The same principle applies to those who prefer to show patterns of technical innovations.Seen one always will be reflected in our own human activities.

How to move to self in school?

Go to home schooling in the school at any time to the educational process.The list of documents required to be recognized in a particular school.The main condition for obtaining the school leaving certificate is the successful and timely delivery of examinations provided by the plan.

for children with disabilities plan selected individually, and the timing exams may vary for each child.In consultation with the school children can attend some classes, such as laboratory work, carrying them home impossible.

Distance Learning

most common form of self - a distance learning in higher education.Programs of higher education in the home are found in many schools.Such training is acceptable primarily for an adult.Self-chief and constant desire to develop their skills can improve the efficiency of work of the entire team.Proper organization of the work is the key to the success of the enterprise.

What self in higher education?The universities mainly coming independent personalities who have already decided on goals in life.And often their aspirations do not coincide with the financial capabilities.In this case, distance education allows you to earn while studying in his spare time.The programs include a plan of the educational process with subsequent exams.Full distance education means and exams through the Internet online tests.


The learning process should not end with the achievement of certain results.It is human nature to strive for new knowledge.This is especially true of certain professions.The development of civilization is based on the development of individuals.

Increased professional qualities of the person is reflected not only in its activities.For example, self-teacher affects the level of development of its students.The more the teacher knows, the more can get knowledge of his student.

human desire for self-development professionally positive impact on career development and makes it valuable, irreplaceable collaborator for the organization.Experts in their field always take into account new trends in a particular field of activity.