Diamond wedding - how many years of life together?

Many honeymooners and people for a while already married, interested in the question: "What is the diamond wedding, many years together have lived a husband and wife to celebrate this date?" In the present article, we undertook to clarify the situation.

diamond (diamond) as a symbol of unbreakable strength

We all know that there is in the nature of mineral stronger structurally than diamond.That relations between spouses should mean indestructible, strong and durable alliance.One union that really is able to separate only death.And to the question "How old diamond wedding" we must clearly answer - more than a dozen.Beautiful and expensive jewelry, which gave the name to this event symbolized the anniversary of relations between the spouses, but not simple, and the most that neither is longer.Such an alliance should symbolize the persistence and inviolability of relations and carried through all of life's adversities love couples.So, how old diamond wedding?I am pleased to answer the question.The couple have to go through life side by side, exactly 60 years from the date of registration of their relationship.

Another interpretation anniversary

said that not only the extraordinary strength gem allows you to compare a durable union of two loving people with a treated diamond.There is another original and beautiful version which explains why the significant event was given such a name as a diamond wedding.How many years of living together the couple put up with the shortcomings, forgive grievances and overcome difficulties?How much joy, happiness and exciting moments associated with children and grandchildren, falls to couples?Throughout his life, married and faithful wife live experience so many emotions, the number of which is comparable only with the multifaceted diamond.And every facet of diamonds, sparkling new shades to symbolize the many feelings and emotions that are destined to experience in its long married life happy couples.

Honor and respect jubilee

In fact, people who save and swept his feelings through his life, skipping over the half-century milestone, worthy of admiration.If your family parents or grandparents have reached such a significant date in a relationship, do not stint on the grand gala event, because your loved ones deserve it.We already know what a diamond wedding, how many years the couple must have lived together before reaching outstanding abroad.It remains to determine the present scenario and the holiday itself.

Problem children - protect the anniversaries of worries

Given the fact that earlier in our country, it was decided to get married in 20 years or so later, it is easy to calculate that a little jubilee of 80. This is the age advanced and respected,are not overshadowed by the hardships of everyday work and experiences for the children, because they already stand firmly on their feet, and some have already made tremendous career successes.Through a series of years, concerns, experiences and inserting souls into their offspring did not immediately make out that not so long ago the couple went "gold", the fiftieth anniversary.And now on the verge of knocking on the door a diamond wedding.That's how long anniversaries meekly gave all their energy to their children and grandchildren?More than half a century.And it is worth considering the fact that now it is time to protect them from unnecessary worries and experiences.Care must be taken to close people lived for pleasure and did not even know about the impending ceremony.Well, of course, all the organizational and financial issues should take the children and grandchildren.

Gifts for diamond wedding?

Throughout his long life anniversaries have all put before him the heights, and which did not manage to achieve, transferred to complete his children.Very often the question arises: "What to give loved ones to such an event as a diamond wedding?" How old are their children and grandchildren gave jubilee dates in the household things, the ones that can be used together ... And now you need to give each of them a personalized gift.Of course, the first thing comes to mind stone, the one that gave the name of this holiday - a diamond.Any product with even the most modest stone is a symbol of this anniversary, and decided to give on the occasion.Even if the material welfare of children and grandchildren is not as great as one might think, in such a remarkable day, you can find a way out and purchase products with modest diamonds.

warmth valuable rustling bills

Diamonds feature chic glare, so common and symbolic gifts are all brilliant gizmos original name.Do not forget that elderly people often respond to the warmth and attention of their close relatives, rather than expensive gifts.They need any attention, they value it above all else.Therefore, the essence of the gift is to be sincere, and symbolizes love children and grandchildren.

provide the right to choose spouses

Some people have a peculiar character, they do not like unnecessary expenses from their children, considering it unnecessary occupation and condemning the offspring of expensive gifts.In this case, knowing this feature of their parents, in order to avoid unpleasant incidents during the celebration, you can ask in advance desires anniversaries.Perhaps they have long wanted to buy some household item to facilitate farming, but do not know how to choose from the variety of products.And here advanced children or grandchildren with their Prezent will be very helpful.

Diamond wedding: how many years?9 categories of the most common gifts

In this regard, as gifts, loved ones often come to a standstill.I do not want every year to give one and the same, much more interesting to become a gift memorable and unusual.

If until now you were not able to opt for gifts for loved ones to this anniversary as a diamond wedding (how many years must live with the wife, we already know), then for you to provide a list of the most popular and frequently used things lately.

list of the best gifts

  • Unusual beautiful glassware (vases, dishes, cups).
  • crystal products, its brilliance reminiscent of diamonds.
  • glittering wedding ring.
  • addition vases made of crystal candlesticks give - a very symbolic gift, because the candle flame is human warmth.
  • Transparent figurines, custom made, other souvenirs.
  • iridescent jewelry for ladies.
  • Registered paintings, photographs, postcards in a beautiful inlaid frame.As an inlay, in addition to diamonds, used crystal and rhinestones.
  • trips to rest homes and sanatoriums.

most expensive character

This publication has helped readers to answer the burning question: "Diamond Wedding - How many years?" Also in the materials articles can be found the best options for gifts for significant events.But still, we almost silent about the most expensive and important (both literally and figuratively) Gifts for the "married".Of course, we are talking about this wedding rings with diamonds.After all, there is a symbolic gift than a wedding attribute, that will return the couple 60 years ago and remember the cause and if relive memorable moments of their wedding.The most common gift rings are stored in the home a place of honor heroes of the day, wear such things are not accepted.However, each time the elderly will be with emotion and delight to look at so dear to the heart commemorative trinkets.

little tip

Diamonds gift wedding rings can be replaced by synthetic cubic zirconia, which gloss is almost comparable with the best of precious stones.After all, as we remember, for the elderly valuable attention, not the value of the gift.

ceremony: how to spend?

Most importantly, the official part of the event as a diamond wedding (how old mark "couple", we have seen) is not tired anniversaries.Before planning the ceremony, it is necessary to assess their health status and be sure to provide a comfortable ride and seating.Remember that older people may have a headache, and many guests will tire them (after all, everyone needs to pay little attention).Therefore, if the physical condition of the couples that are preparing to celebrate such an event does not have a noisy feast, gather in the narrow family circle.Believe me, it is much more important than spouses.

Diamond wedding: how many years?Photo anniversaries marking the 60th anniversary of a joint life

In conclusion, our life-affirming articles publish photos of people who were able to carry and preserve their love through the long 60 years, and we wish that each new couple learned our heroes patience and wisdom.Let's enforce family values ​​rather than destroy them.