Constellation Aquarius: position in the sky and points of interest

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in the night sky have patterns, consider that, being in the city, it is very difficult.These elements are very far away from the Earth, or emit so little light that they can be considered only on a clear night, standing in an open field, which does not reach to the artificial lighting.Among these celestial figures include the constellation Aquarius.


conditions in the city, especially in northern latitudes, to find it in the sky is not easy, although it is possible.The best time to observe - summer.Reference to find - well noticeable constellation Pegasus, and just below that is Aquarius.More expressive of his silhouette in the south.

Aquarius constellation in the sky can be found on a more or less bright asterism Pitcher relating thereto.It is formed by five luminaries, visually creating an inverted Y with a zeta Aquarius in the middle.


constellation Aquarius is not covered with legends.The reason for this lies in the relative dimness of its elements.However, several mythological stories with him still tied.In ancient Greece, he associated with Aquarius Ganymede, which is called the Olympus Zeus.Handsome young man was to serve as cupbearer to the gods at.Instead Thunder Ganymede promised immortality.The plans of Zeus Hera intervened, who did not want to see a young man among his entourage.As a result, the promise of immortality Ganymede gained by becoming a constellation.And to this day, he pours wine from a jug.

Aquarius was associated with the legend of the flood, as well as served as a harbinger of irrigation works.

The brightest

Despite some inconspicuous itself Aquarius, stars and other space objects are included in it, worthy of attention.Most of all of them prominent constellation alpha and beta, which have their own names: Sadalmelik and Sadalsuud respectively.The most striking is the second star.Beta Aquarius removed from Earth at 600 light-years.By weight it is 6 times greater than the Sun, and the diameter - to 50. The luminosity Sadalsuuda more than the same parameter of the Sun. 2200 times.However, Earth Beta Aquarius seems brighter Alpha only because of the smaller distance separating the two space objects.

Another feature Sadalsuuda clearly visible through a telescope.It is a system of three components.


Sadalmelik - star, not hurrying to open their secrets to astronomers.It has a luminosity and a diameter of 3000 and 60 times, respectively, higher than the same parameters of the sun.These measurements make it possible to assume that the alpha Aquarius is approaching the end of its existence.According to the accumulated data, the light with similar characteristics tend to be variables of type Delta Cephei.However, in practice Sadalmelik to this class can not be attributed.And this is one of his greatest mysteries: the reasons that the "behavior" of light is not consistent with the theory and previously obtained information on similar sites is unclear.

alpha Aquarius scientists attributed to the type of hybrid stars.Sadalmelika surface temperature is close to the sun, therefore, considering other characteristics, it should have the same crown, which is observed in our light during the total eclipse.Similar temperature, but with greater brightness of stars such decorations are not.Their magnetic field causes a strong circumstellar wind, much colder than the surface.Sadalmelik again deviating from the theory, and has a crown and wind.

Symbiotic variable

constellation Aquarius has several objects of great interest to science.One of them - R Aquarius, variable star, at a distance of 650 light-years from the sun.Changes in its brilliance were seen as early as the 19th century.Today belongs to the shining symbiotic variables.R Aquarius - system of two greatly different in its characteristics star - a red giant and a white dwarf, "cooperate" with each other, similar organisms constituting a biological symbiosis.

red giant is so huge diameter that the outer part of its atmosphere slowly leaked into the surrounding space.Impressive size and lead to yet another investigation.Gas giant shell flows to the neighboring white dwarf.Some entered the substance accumulates on the surface of a small companion.When the temperature and density reached a certain critical value, to draw the substance to explode.The white dwarf in this case will not be damaged.

Two objects are surrounded by a nebula are remnants of exploded once nova stars.While many oddities found an explanation, R Aquarius remains a mysterious object.Still not found the reasons for some of the features of the light curve of the star.

Snail and Saturn

nebula surrounding Aquarius R, not only in the constellation.In the southern part of the object is detected, designated as NGC 7293 or the Helix Nebula (aka "Helix").It is the nearest to us of all these cosmic formations.

constellation of Aquarius (the photo of the object shown below) boasts another beautiful nebula.It is called Saturn or NGC 7009. In fact, the images captured from a distance, the silhouette of the object resembles a gas giant of the Solar System.

constellation Aquarius its borders "free" as a beautiful globular cluster M2 size exceeding many similar objects.There is also an open cluster.

Although Aquarius - dim celestial figure, he is worthy of the importance that it attaches to astronomy.Constellations like him, not just to observe the sky, but in studying them through a telescope offers amazing beauty and mystery of the universe.