Basic and additional services in hotels.The technology of additional services in the hotel

Hospitality - is the provision of various services to the tangible and intangible nature.It is closely related to the degree of development of the country's business tourism and leisure.

Actually, tourism can not exist without the hotel enterprises.Its development entails an increase in the proportion of fixed income and, as a consequence, leads to an expansion of the list of services, and most importantly, to improve the quality of service.

The main product of the activity of hotels

hotel is designed for temporary accommodation of people, and the main product of its activity is the provision of accommodation services.For the hospitality industry, to the fact of the formation of the product (service) has occurred, and you must have the active participation of the two sides: the hotel staff and the client.The receiving party is not the owner becomes the manufactured product, and is a consumer.Services - is an intangible product, they need to address the problems at the moment of customer needs, t. E. Rendering it in time and in space is fixed, but the product can not be stored or transported.Demand for hotel services may vary from time of year.Different variability and variability of quality.But customers can not measure the received service.She did not see or hear.Will inner feelings and memories that customers can share with family or friends, and this affects the reputation and as a result the income of the hotel enterprise.

hotel services

There are basic and additional services in the hotel.They, in turn, can be free and paid.Remain largely unchanged accommodation and catering clients.The main element in the deployment are the hotel rooms.They come in different categories and functional purpose and are used for both work and leisure customers.Tourists on holiday hotel rooms used mainly for sleeping.Therefore, mandatory attributes in them is a bed, a bedside table or bedside table, chair or armchair, wardrobe, waste basket.The rooms business purposes in addition to the presence of a suitable listed furniture and equipment for the job.

room categories determine the level of comfort components.Many evaluation criteria - a state of technical equipment and rooms, facilities, catering, adjacent areas, driveways, and more.Uniform classification of classes in the world is because in different countries understand the level of comfort is different, and different assessment systems.Generally accepted criteria are location, capacity, functionality, duration of operation and the length of stay of customers, provision of food, the price level.Accommodation and food are perceived by clients of different categories already as commonplace.But additional and related services in the hotel set it apart from other similar kinds of businesses and are the subject of increased interest of tourists.

registration and payment of basic services

Comfortable hotels offer around the clock and daily intake and registration of clients.

of the contract is required to stipulate the list of services that are paid for the room and additional services in the hotel provided for a fee.Employees of the hotel did not have the right to provide services for a single fee is not in the list or replace some other service without the consent of the client.A guest has the right not to pay for such a service.Price for accommodation in a room, order and form of application fee shall be determined by the Executive.Appeal of the consumer without significant reasons can not.You can pay for the day or by the hour with the time of calculation.Appropriately Certified hotels develop a list of privileged categories of customers and the order of payment for them.All of the information and additional services provided by the hotel, and even telephones parent organizations, rules and laws, certificates, instructions, information about the work that are placed in the hotel business and other important information should be conveniently placed for reference clients in the room where a contract for.

Services included in the payment number

The payment for hotel accommodation above the third class typically include:

  • services booking rooms directly to the reservation department by phone or via the Internet.
  • organizations of different ways to pay for the room and the proper execution of the account.
  • very important commitments assumed by the security service of hotel companies - is to ensure the safety and security of residence of personal belongings in the room or luggage, and for luxury hotel rooms to be safe.
  • Organization information service, porter, porter service.
  • Organization maid service, t. E. Housekeeping.
  • The room rate includes the cost of toiletries in the bathroom, satellite TV.
  • Catering from morning coffee to the "all inclusive".

higher class hotel enterprise, the longer the list, and of course, more expensive accommodation.

Additional free services

possible free provision of additional services in the hotel.The required services are calling for emergency medical care or the use of first-aid kit.Optional - a currency exchange service, rapid clearance on arrival and departure, the provision of equipment for specific categories of clients, such as persons with disabilities;concierge, room service to newspapers and magazines, telephone, Internet.These additional services in the hotel first and second classes may not be available or made available for a fee.

Additional services for a fee

Tourist complexes and full-service hotels with high and medium level of comfort offer a wide range of services, which are paid separately.Organisation of additional services performed at the hotel to meet the different needs of its guests.The hotel business is called service.This kind of service is based on the principles of supply and demand.The technology of additional services in the hotel is that the staff in any case do not impose, and offer new services, and the client, in turn, chooses what he wants.A list of these services with prices and hours of operation of enterprises, their providers, high comfort in hotels usually provide customers with the design of the settlement, it is in the room or at the reception on the ground floor.Hospitality Industry should strive to existing additional services in the hotels fully satisfy customer needs.In the hotel, they should have a convenient location for tourists and optimal working hours.The staff of these enterprises should work with the different services of the hotel and tourist complex in a single effort to provide their services in the best quality.

possible range of additional services

clear that list and do additional services in hotels of different klassnosti different, but the core is usually similar.

  • is primarily catering services: buffets, cafes, restaurants and bars.For these companies, it is important that the client has the opportunity to have a snack at any time of the day.Service grocery and industrial shops and souvenir shops.

  • Equally important services of the entertainment, discos and nightclubs.
  • Transportation services include booking tickets for all modes of transport, taxi or any transport, car rental.
  • consumer services.Here is a very large list of paid services.First, all connected with the repair of clothing, footwear and equipment.Rent from the kettle to the latest electronics and bike.Storage expensive things.Be sure to have parikmaheskaya or parlor, often with a massage room, and much more.

  • to clients tourist complexes bath, sauna, wellness center with pool and gym.
  • provide additional services in hotels for tourists vacationing with the whole family.They often use the help of the nurse, the teacher, who will be able to communicate in their native language for their children.They provide care and supervision of the animals owners traveling with their pets.

All to combine leisure and business meetings

for a hotel complex in a list are services of the excursions.In this part of everything - from providing information about available trips to organizing it in full with a guide-interpreter.For business customers and business gatherings in the hotel provides meeting rooms, business centers, meeting halls.And in the evening for them to organize trips to the theater or concert hall.

Fancy services

And then there are the rare and unusual services that are the hallmark of some of the hotel business.In these hotels to its customers.For example, fans of hard to sleep in complete silence can go to New York.The Benjamin Hotel Administration and a special night concierges take care of sleeping guests.The floors in the hallways and stairs are covered with sound-insulating carpets there, and after midnight the fly will not fly, you can sleep peacefully.And if you're a young couple and want to somehow in a special way to remember for a lifetime, spend your wedding, you can contact the tourist office and you will pick up the hotel on exotic islands, and arrange the wedding customs of the tribe of natives.Just come home, do not forget to legalize their relationship and capture employee service registration of marriages with them to the island.However, specify, maybe he client quiet London hotel, where its guests, as well as in the last century, before going to bed warm bed concierge own body.The current trend is that if before additional services in hotels and the number talked about star travel business enterprise, it is now high quality of these services does "face" first-class enterprises hospitality industry.