A few tips on how to become a DJ

such thing as a DJ, has become firmly embedded in our lives only in the last couple of decades, before we did not know what kind of people and what they do.The development of the club movement has made the profession is very fashionable and desirable for many boys and girls.For information on how to become a DJ, and we'll talk today.

little about the profession

If you are confused as to how to become a DJ, you should know that this sphere of activity is one of the most promising in the world.For example, almost half of the teenagers in the UK aged 15 declare their desire to devote his life to this profession.This means that they are going to strive for career growth and improve their well-being, not sitting out all day long in a stuffy office with a tight schedule of work and bored dress code.By the way, the financial benefit of the profession is very obvious: for example, the average monthly wage domestic professional DJ can easily earn in one night.

it enough one desire?

Many young people, concerned with how to become a DJ, in the end, convince themselves that only one desire.There is a grain of truth: at first it is really very important.Subsequently, however, the desire to be supported by a sober calculation and develop a plan for further action.It should be clearly understood that the popular domestic and foreign DJs walked a long way to fame and high fees.But many of today's youths, barely learned to mix already believe that it is ready to conquer the world music charts.In the end, such "upstarts" and does not recognize all the creative part of the profession, and their works do not find the response from music lovers.

no musical education?No problem!

If someone has a question about how to become a professional DJ, you will answer that without knowing the musical literacy can not do, do not believe him.After all, not all people who have found fame in this field, were behind the music schools.However, this fact did not prevent them to start their own dance floor sets and multi-million selling albums of copies.All that is required by a DJ at the initial stage - is to have a sense of rhythm.Of course, musical literacy is also required, but some time later, when you begin to write your own songs.

How fast can succeed

simple answer to the question of how to become a famous DJ, you can not.Everything will depend on your ability, and the time that you give this matter.Of course, the more effort you exert, the faster will be able to achieve the desired result.We can say that a lot of time will have to spend to create their own unique and memorable "I" that would distinguish you from a large gray mass.Remember that a DJ is a public personality, which is the focus of journalists and visitors of the club.Therefore, he must look respectively.Grain by grain accounting for a unique image, for two or three years you will be able to achieve certain heights in the profession.

Do I need a mentor?

Many reasoning on how to become a DJ, say that in this case to do without a teacher fail.However, the professionals insist that master this science is quite possible and independently in the presence of certain abilities and desires.Of course, if your side is an experienced mentor, he may share with you the trade secrets and point out errors.But if some of you know that person is not present, do not despair.Perhaps it will take a little more time on understanding all the nuances, but to be successful you will still be able to.

Where do you start?

First, you need to thoroughly understand that in what environment you get after your dream is to become a DJ realized.Since the club life is part of show business, you should try to find out what he represents.What it there are rules and laws, as well as accents, and who sets the tone in some processes.First, analyze the situation in the city.Find out which clubs are there and promotional agency, who is in them and for what reason.Also, find out what are the most popular DJs and try to understand how they managed to achieve this.Once you can answer these questions, the prospect of your professional future will become more or less clear outline.

can now move on to the preparation of a phased development plan.First we need to take a couple of months of training.Despite the fact that the reduction of platelets is no big deal, this process requires certain skills.Yet about three months will be spent on the selection of a suitable musical material and recording high-quality promotional mix, which later will become your trademark.Also, some time will have to spend on studding thresholds nightclubs and agencies Buckingham before you will be given a chance to prove himself.And here simply can not lose face.It is necessary to prove himself a true professional who knows and loves his job.

How to become a DJ in the club: the financial aspect

many tips for beginners in this business at first to acquire the cheapest DJ equipment.However, some professional DJs to this disagree.This is due to the fact that the vast majority of clubs around the world have a standard set of equipment.In addition, once purchasing inexpensive turntables, sooner or later you will want to replace them with a set of professional DJ.So if you have seriously decided to devote themselves to this business, you do not skimp on their equipment.

How to become a DJ on the radio?

Job DJ on radio is significantly different from the same activity in a nightclub.In addition to the ability to choose interesting and satisfying the tastes of the target audience and the music format of the station, you will be required more and having a pleasant voice and the ability to speak on a variety of topics, as well as to conduct a dialogue with the audience.If you are confident in their abilities, then go straight to one of the local radio stations and boldly offer his candidacy.