The Israeli airline "El Al": reviews of passengers

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Airline "El Al" (EL AL) was founded in Israel in 1948.It operates flights to over fifty destinations around the world and deliver to the destination of about 5 million passengers a year.


Israeli carrier, based at the international airport Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv, is one of the most reliable in the world, because it works in the area of ​​constant conflict in Gaza in the presence of the constant threat of terrorism, which isthose include the hijacking of aircraft.Nevertheless, all over the world with more than 70 representative offices of airlines, flights and fly it is considered prestigious.It belongs to individuals.

Customer Service Excellent customer service offers airline "El Al" ("Israeli Airlines").The staff on board are always friendly, helpful and benevolent.All staff undergo special courses previously unarmed combat and defense have all the skills of behavior in emergency situations.These requirements were filed after the case guidance airline hijacking in 1968.It should be noted that this was the first and only case of such emergency situations.

Fleet airlines

The composition of the aircraft fleet includes aircraft grade Boeing.Two aircraft model 737-700, 15 ships Boeing 737-800, 5 "Boeing" 737-900, one Boeing 747-400F and 6 aircraft "Boeing" 747-400.

Airline "El Al" also has a "Boeing" 767-300 and 777-200, each type of six aircraft.

Safety Management

  1. preflight check of passengers carried out with great care and often in a separate area of ​​the airport.In particular, in Moscow's Domodedovo flights "El Al" depart from gate number 12, which is separated by a glass barrier.Almost all airline pilots are military pilots, excellent professionals in their field.
  2. Each flight with the airline passengers "El Al" sends six armed security personnel - soldiers for special purposes.
  3. All airliners are equipped with steel floor that separates the luggage compartment from the passenger.Baggage belonging to citizens of foreign countries, inspected with the utmost care.
  4. The aircraft has an infrared system to counter missile attacks.
  5. To complicate penetration into the cockpit, the airline of Israel, "El Al" has equipped the aircraft with the crew compartment door further on which the coded lock.

Interesting facts about "El Al"

the first time in 1990, was a historic flight to Moscow earlier immigrants traveled to the USSR through Warsaw or Vienna.

Since 1991, the airline "El Al" performed rescue operations with regular flights to Addis Ababa.These flights Ethiopian Jews were transported on the program "Shlomo."In 1994 aircraft airline boarded more than a thousand are saved.


the airline has long been successfully operating airline "El Al" in Moscow - Reviews of passengers mostly contain information about what the security requirements when boarding at this air carrier are among the highest in the world.Accordingly, the reliability of the air carrier and peace operations provided to all passengers who intend to use the services of this company.

passengers used the services of El Al, were satisfied with the respectful attitude towards persons of retirement age.Attendants help find places and to arrange things.For persons with disabilities must be submitted to move the seat, and provide other possible assistance, in particular related to the delivery of luggage.

Despite the objective positive features which distinguish the Israeli airline "El Al", reviews of her across Russia contain, unfortunately, not only positive information and expressions of gratitude.

mainly affect passengers topic completing registration for the flights and baggage.Many customers have been literally gutted suitcases, unfortunately, it must be noted that in most cases this has been done very inaccurately, things have been put back somehow.

However, despite all of the above, and given the fact that you can not hang luggage locks in reviews are not met, no comment about lost luggage.

Many tourists have noted the care and attentiveness of staff both in the reception area and on board aircraft.All questions that arise during the flight, are solved quickly, in an expeditious manner.

on customs control is carried out a very thorough screening of passengers.To some it seems a humiliating procedure, but we should understand that it is carried out is not to humiliate clients, and to ensure safety.Most of the passengers can understand, therefore, I am not against such regulations.

staff ask many questions at passport control.This, again, should be seen not only negative because of the length of the procedure, but the advantage - in terms of ensuring safety when boarding.

On board the aircraft

When a passenger has entered the plane, changed the tone of the airline staff.In addition to the impeccable service offered is also very delicious food.Passengers are offered a bun pita, hummus, a side dish, meatballs, cake or cake.Served wine and other standard beverages are offered more than once.Prior to the flight serves kosher menu.If you - a vegetarian, the problems of providing such meals also did not arise.All can be ordered in advance.

All ads are broadcast in several languages, including Russian.

Many visitors noted the high professionalism of the pilots, very gently land the plane.

All clients are offered blankets and pillows.On board the aircraft company "El Al" there is always fresh newspapers in Russian.