Folder in Windows 7: What can replace this function?

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Folder in Windows 7 - now, unfortunately, such a term no longer exists.New features, new opportunities and of course, a new name - all makers of operating systems finalized for the fun of users.

new name

Windows 7 Folder called "parameters."Start this function as follows: open the explorer window of OS Windows (for example, "Computer" or another folder).Now, to customize the look, choose the command "Sort", then press the line "Folder Options."

If you love to do everything quickly and to use the keyboard, use the Alt-E-A."A" and "E" - Russian letters to the method worked, respectively, select the Russian layout on the keyboard, as here during the combinations can be set not to clamp down Alt.

Another feature of the system is that the menu "Explorer" was hidden from the user, it appears only when you press Alt.You can then press "E" to enter the menu called "Tools" and then pressing "A" will directly configure folders in Windows 7.

For gourmets, there is another method: in the address bar folder, type Control folders.

Folder in Windows 7: Opportunities

As can be seen, the first paragraph of the "Options" determines the number of simultaneously running windows and allows you to open all the folders in one or more windows.The next section - "click the mouse" - here we define how it will run Windows using the mouse.There are two options.The first - a standard, it provides start-up by double-clicking.The second will make your computer look like the Internet, which is highlighted in the case of all the guidance and launch and entry made only by pressing.

Lower switches configure the transition region.This is the folder tree to the left in the Explorer.If you want to "Show all folders" will be added to the navigation pane "Basket", "Control Panel" folder, and all of the desktop.

You can also ask for "Explorer" to unfold automatically to the specified folder.In this case, when moving between folders will unfold, and folder tree, indicating your position.In normal mode, you will see a disk that now.

Folder Options in Windows 7. Type

tab "View" bears a significant part of the setting.By default, the system is prohibited show file extensions and blank discs in the "Computer".You can also ask the conductor to display hidden folders Windows 7. If you select the check box "Always show menus", the conductor will complement the classic buttons at the top of the window, under the title.By default, they are hidden.

From now on, each folder has its own style.In other words, the folder to which pictures are embedded, is significantly different from the "music" folder.Each of them shows their data, and the system has learned to recognize them.For photos displayed score and date of shooting for the music - track number, genre, album and artist name.

Let's try to figure out how to select a folder and apply changes to the same directory.Go to any folder and right-click in the blank area of ​​the Explorer window.Select the item "Set Folder", go to "Settings" tab.With the first drop-down list, select the column suitable type.

Next checkbox checked, so that the template has been selected for all folders of this type.In the "Explorer" in the "View", select how to display files.Go back to "Folder Options", go to the "View" menu and "Apply to folders".Congratulations, the selected template is defined for all folders of this type.

Display expansion

advised to set up the show extensions for all file types.The default file type does not appear, under this very often adapt malicious files, using the fact that the extension .exe (executable files) are also shown.Exe-viruses are often equipped with badges documents MS Word, video, or other common programs.

Thinking that a document or running a video file, you open the virus application.To avoid misunderstandings, it is useful to see the file extension.So we figured out how to configure the properties of a folder in Windows 7. And found out what new features have appeared at the function.