How do I use voice to please others?

beautiful voice always helps to get things done.Only 5% of people have naturally beautiful and pleasant voice.But everyone has a chance to improve it.

need to belly breathe (or diaphragm) and not breast - the breath is full and deep.To train makes short breaths through your mouth at which your stomach rise and exhale bear any vowel or feel is enough breathing.It should be enough for 5-6 words.Useful singing - it trains the lungs and learns to rely on the breath long phrases.

Stand up straight, breathe out, and then take a deep breath.Squeeze your hands into fists, loud noises "IRS", "uh-uh", "ah-ah-ah," "oh-oh-oh," "at-at", while banging his fists his chest.

To develop diction invented tongue twisters.Blurts out all the letters, not swallowing the end of words.Cicero took the pebbles in his mouth, and so read the poem to make clear diction.You can take the train and nuts.

To slow it, you need to clearly articulate, pronounce all the sounds and syllables.Read aloud at home as slowly as possible.Perfect "speed" speech - 125-150 words per minute.

speak not words, and emotions, waving his hands, shrugged his shoulders, say something faster, then slower, then louder, then quieter.Try to perform an exercise known Stanislavsky utter the phrase "Tonight" with forty different intonations.

Get rid of words - parasites!

psychologist laughter may even determine a person's character."Hiss" secretive, "sobbing" people with an unhealthy ego, quiet "murmur" says the indifference and "whooping" and "gakane" - the kindness and decency.

Practice in front of a mirror to smile simultaneously, not one smile of his mouth - is alarming.Try not to snort, wheeze and did not scream.

Some drinks and foods harm the vocal cords.If you do not want to be the voice of the villages, less eat foods fried in sunflower oil, especially seeds and pies.Do not drink too hot or cold.If we have to talk a long time, take advantage of warm water with a slice of lemon - it soothes the vocal cords.Before the performance massage cheeks and neck, quickly move the jaw forward - backward, it's good exercise facial muscles relax.

Do not forget that the neck muscles should always be relaxed!

voice should be calm and confident, this starts slowly.

see to it that the voice stand out: it was a little quieter and a little louder.