How magnificently issue triumph?

One of the most magical days in the life of lovers - wedding.Mark important event wants luxuriously each pair.Ship to the wedding - the original decision, which is sure to impress friends, family and relatives.Unforgettable, thrills, lavish banquets, warm congratulations to remain forever in the memory of the newlyweds.Wedding on a boat in Moscow will give the guests and love a lot of positive emotions, joy and happiness!Amazing and reverent event will take place against the backdrop of the beautiful panorama of the city at night.Decorated with flowers, balloons and wedding attributes of the ship - a great alternative to restaurant banquet.A fresh wind and a soft breeze, harmonious and mellifluous music - the best score of the most amazing day.

Secrets organizations gourmet wedding on the boat

After deciding to give up skating on boring machines and boring walks through the city, you need to choose a passenger ship and a company offering rental services.White ship voyages along the beautiful coast, the waves gentle touch of love, and the time of the order can be unlimited!An exciting walk and dinner at the same time!Visiting ceremony of state registration of marriage is over all set parameters, elegant and beautiful.The picturesque landscape on the photo and brilliant smiles of happy newlyweds guaranteed.Rent the ship carried out after a couple identified:

  • date of the celebration;
  • choice of class of the vessel;
  • travel itinerary;
  • time of booking;
  • number of invited guests;
  • style of the ceremony.

Calculating the cost of the event is made in view of the exact number of guests, the selected menu and beverages for festive parties.Banquet hall of the ship offers a choice of several main dishes on the menu, aged spirits and decoration of the hall at the request of the couple.

Features visiting wedding

  1. Ship to the wedding - original and unique approach to organizing celebration.Festival gets a unique and stylish.
  2. picturesque, brilliant photos, with scenery and expanses of water, emphasize the advantages and taste of couples.
  3. Development of individual design space design.
  4. highlight of the celebration - a fascinating species, the surface of the waves and the beauty of nature surrounding entourage.
  5. lack of strangers and uninvited guests - an undeniable plus a private ceremony.
  6. flexible system of discounts (shares and gifts from the company when you order for a long time) allows you to save money.

rent ship for wedding - a beautiful alternative venue for a fabulous, memorable holiday!

details of the wedding on a luxury boat

For those who are tired of ordinariness, dullness of the standard holidays, creative firms offer to order the ship to the wedding.

Thinking organization and buffet style, you need to consider in advance:

  • time it takes to feed the ship design and decoration of the hall tables and cleaning after the celebration.The average improvement takes 1.5 hours.This time is included in the rent and payable on the agreement with the company.
  • Additional invitation attendants and waiters, or self-service holiday.
  • Book vessel necessary to advance with the manager of the company (by confirming the registration of the agreement on the appointment of the exact date).

musical accompaniment wedding cruise ship

From selecting quality, harmonious music depends on the mood of guests and honeymooners.Live support, performances of popular artists and the orchestra will add refinement to any celebration.On the boat requires the presence of a DJ, toastmaster and the full range of your favorite entertainment.Professional musicians and performers accentuate the atmosphere and give holiday mood alive.A fun and humor provide an excellent toastmaster.

originality and eccentricity celebration - a wedding on the boat, price depends only on the lease time and class vessel!Choose what its means for you!

Ship to the wedding - performance of the cherished dream of holding a graceful and "rich" holiday atmosphere of love and tenderness, the reunion with nature and beauty.All that is possible to imagine will come true on a sunny day of celebration!

Wedding luxury and romance on the boat

luxurious sounds of a live orchestra, beautifully executed floral arch, carpet and friendly mood of the guests - a perfect celebration!Heat wrap romance sensual pleasures and allow to forget the usual crowd at the registry office, and the speed of the banal paintings.Newlyweds will slowly pronounce the oath of love and give each other the best words to express the extraordinary feelings and emotions, to sing a song and say the long-awaited "yes" to the second half!

styles of wedding day on the boat

style of the party says the careful and thoughtful approach, the organization of the wedding day.

  • European wedding involves a light buffet and social events.
  • style "rock and roll" for lovers of Latin dance, brilliant costumes and festive glamor.
  • ¬ęKinovecherinka" presupposes the existence of images of the guests and the distribution of the main roles.
  • Extreme in every detail!Do you want to surprise the extreme triumph?Then make a balloon flight right from the ship!

perceived wedding on the boat?Rave reviews!Customers confirmed that this is a fabulous choice and positively assess the right approach for the celebration.Many couples have celebrated the most fabulous day creatively and emotionally shared their impressions with their relatives.

Ship for the wedding - the best gift for loved ones!Try it!