We select the verification word to the word "valley"

What you can choose the verification word to the word "valley"?The answer to this question will help you submitted an article.


about how to check the word "valley", he knows not everyone.That is why a large number of people during his writing makes a mistake.To drop all the existing doubts should apply a simple rule of the Russian language, which will be presented to your attention below.

Why doubt

Good Russian-speaking person may wonder why at all there is any doubt in the expression "valley"?Verification word to him to be sure to pick up.This is due to the fact that some people write it exactly the same way as it is pronounced, ie [Dalin].However, the Russian language is unacceptable.For good reason it has such an incredible number of various rules.

basic rule

Why correct spelling, be sure to select the check word to the word "valley"?The fact that it falls under the special rule in the Russian language.We represent it to your attention now.To properly supply this or that letter in place of unstressed vowels, which are located in the root of the word, it is necessary to choose such a close by value expressions that have the same root (can be striped), and check the vowel in the shock position.

It should be noted that the present rule applies not only mentioned the phrase "valley", the word verification for which will be picked up on, and others, where there is also questionable character.For greater clarity, we give an example:

  • tables - verification word "table";
  • box - verification word "window";
  • water - "water";
  • tremble - "trembling";
  • talk - "talk" and "speak";
  • forests - "forest";
  • young - "young" and "very young";
  • fox - "the fox" and so forth.

As you can see, in the words of test data the emphasis falls on the sound that the letter represents a vowel on the letter, which is under doubt.Thus, the correct spelling of the word becomes obvious to all.

Composition words

Before pick up the verification word to the word "valley" should deal with the fact how it was formed.To begin with we give the definition.Valley called a narrow strip of land that is located between the mountains or hills.Also, this word is used in the sense of the plain, along the river.As this term has been established?Experts say that it is derived from the noun suffix using the method.To choose the appropriate expression to test it, you need to parse it in composition.


  • root of the word - -dol-;
  • suffix - -in;
  • ending - s.

We select the verification word to the word "valley»

In order to choose the right word verification in the expression, you must determine its root.We did a little higher.It should be noted that in this case the root -dol- acts not only as a regular root, but the word verification, where the striking position is that the vowel in writing which we doubt.

way, because of the unpopularity of the expression "dollars" (most often it is used in poetry or other literary works, but not in everyday life), many simply do not know how to check the word "valley".That is why I want to note that this word does exist in the Russian language.It is used to refer to Mezhyhirya, plain or various natural depressions in the earth.In other words, the term is synonymous with the word root as "valley".


As mentioned above, because of the unpopularity of the expression "USD" Many people do not know how to write, "valley", and sometimes even pick the wrong word verification.Which ones?Quite a large number of high school students claims that the verification word for "valley" acts "distance."But this is not true.After all, this word, though very similar to testable us, but it has a completely different meaning.Dahl - is a place that is significantly removed from the speaker or from any starting point.Although it may well serve the CAPTCHA, but such expressions as "far", "far" and so on. Check the vowel in the root it is necessary with the help of single-root words, that is having a similar meaning.

Exercises to consolidate the material

once and for all to understand how words are selected for verification of certain expressions, we recommend to perform the following task on their own.

correctly put down all the missing letters using the selection of test single-root words:

  • m_zgi, prodr_zhat rain, pogl_schёnny work uh_dit the conversation, put _kno and door hl_p_tat, pr_sit without st_la, no hot v_dy, d_lina mountain river;
  • l_snik, r_ka, razv_vaetsya Russian flag razr_dit air ob_dinenie, sp_shit school, thick l_sa;
  • razv_vatsya physically redhead l_sa, izv_nyatsya to parents;
  • razdr_zhat, voobr_zhat, vd_leke one can see the fields and so forth.