Love - what's that?

you met recently, and this event changed the whole life?Now it is impossible to think about anything else except for him?Closing your eyes, you see his beautiful eyes and smile, want it to always be there, and kiss, kiss him besperestanno.Surely you already try his name to his name, and figured out how to name your future children.If a girl with similar behavior to ask that to her, she will say that love.But if you ask the question differently: "Do you love him?", The answer is yes.So how do you correctly identify this state when you want to sing, fly and only think about him?The feeling of love or love?And whether it is necessary to distinguish between these concepts, because they carry the same meaning.As it turned out, it is worth.That's about how love it or love, or maybe just the passion and lust, how to recognize them and distinguish discussed below.

What says the psychologist?

Science itself and its followers are able to from a simple definition, and events to make the subject of scientific thesis make ponder such things, that in the light of the vision of the common man seem to be very clear.The relationship between the partners is their favorite topic.So according to their theory, love - a fixation on something or someone one, loop on the subject of adoration.And it's not just the new guy, but also about how girls can fall in love with new shoes, men - in the car, the children - toys.Indeed, in this case, the symptoms of love is exactly the same as in sexual relationships.You start to think about the desired subject, feel unreal need for him to notice it everywhere.The new car, spinning coat or a purse can even dream of.Workaholics fall in love with their profession and devote her not only business, but all the free time.

Butterflies in stomach

This phrase often you can hear from lovers of girls, guys usually say they feel the heat in the abdomen.But can we consider this a moot point sign of serious intentions.And what generally proves this fact: of sympathy, love and love is the deepest and sincere feeling, about which they write novels and poems, sing songs and make films?Not to be unfounded, it is necessary to consider in more detail the love, symptoms suggestive of her parish.

main signs

Some people believe that this sublime feeling that not everyone is able to experience other railway sure love - it is a disease with its symptoms, which are sure to be treated.So, what often complain winged patients:

• loss of appetite;

• palpitations;

• throwing in hot and cold sweats;

• trembling at the knees;

• insomnia or restless sleep, which do not contribute to the development of fatigue;

• a desire to speak and think every second about the subject of their adoration;

• involuntary smile at a beloved object;

• a desire to sing, dance, write poetry or painting (who has what talent);

• the behavior of an object depends on the mood, at least for the coming day;

• distraction and inattention, as it is difficult to concentrate on something else.

In addition to this we can add that love - it looks like when, smile, eyes, dimples, voice and smell.It bogotvorenie his idol, biased construction of him on a pedestal.

What happens in the body in love?

first sight Love is somewhat similar to a nervous breakdown.Violent reaction to the phone or the doorbell, the sound of SMS messages, due to the constant hope and expectation that this is from a loved one.Whatever your desires, in the body of the biochemical processes taking place.Vital energy, strength and inspiration tides are due to hormone dopamine.But feelings such as anxiety and nervousness, passionate individuals are provided thanks to a lot of adrenaline.

Love or Love?

These two feelings very much in common: the desire for a loved one, the desire to hug, hugged her, kiss her, feel its heat and breath.I want to think only about him, but at the meeting it is impossible to look away from his eyes.All these signs may be indicative of a great love, and only love can.How to correctly identify love it or love, how to understand their feelings and his?

If you are more concerned about the feelings of your partner, it is likely that you love, and if the purpose of understanding their feelings, then it is the beginning of love.

How to determine the true intent of phrases and actions?

Enamored guy confessing their feelings, first of all cares about how not to be denied, and how to say it right and beautiful.If a man loves, while explaining he would watch his chosen, and rejoice in the fact that it has become an occasion for excitement and smiles.

If during an argument you continue to assert its views and interests, it's far from love.In love there is a place to egoism, love is not.

whole difference is that when a person thinks more of himself, it is love.If he was pleased dostalyat joy and pleasure, then it is love.

Love does not tolerate haste, taking care of your partner does things for his good.If you want to call, but you can not and you call, it says that you do not care that you deliver dimskomfort.

Love - humility and permissiveness?

Do not think that this blind adoration and perform all the whims of his lover.In serious romantic relationships present demands, rights and obligations of each party.Prohibit smoking and drinking are not allowed to overeat - not restricting the rights and freedoms of the individual self.This is health care.

And love, and love - the attraction to his partner, both spiritual and fizcheskoe, but with which purpose?This can be easily determined to speculate a little with himself.If you are set to enjoy, thirst and fill their need for love, if you want to get attention, gifts, it is love.Symptoms and signs of love lies somewhat deeper.There may even be immediately distinguishable.Love - this is the charm, but quickly passing.True love is to care about the partner, respect him from year to year only grows stronger.This is a more serious sense, is less common.Love needs to learn, it is necessary to grow.

fall in love with a random partner

As strange sounds, but it's a fairly common fact among women.At first glance, it seems vulgar and thoughtless, but everything has a scientific basis.During orgasm in large quantities produces the hormone oxytocin, arousing passion and love.This is a tricky mechanism due to the fact that a woman in every sexual partner tries to see her future husband and father of her children.If he is able to satisfy it, then he has a strong good health, therefore, it is - a suitable candidate.

Regardless of which of the two do you feel, do not forget that all vysheprevedennye classification and conditional, that each individual situation, and only you know the whole truth, and depth of your intentions.Either way thousands of kilometers begins with a single step.And love, as a rule, begins with love.Do not forbid yourself to experience this feeling, I do not reproach myself for consumerism.Perhaps now you need just that.But do not limit yourself to just "I want," "give, give, give."Develop a sense of caring and obereganiya favorite and you will see how nice it is.