The most important thing you need to know about the aircraft B 757-200

<div> <div id="article_body" itemprop="articleBody"> <p> Boeing 757-200 - it is one of the most popular aircraft with airlines.This medium-range narrow-body aircraft is operated for well over two decades, and probably will be used is still very, very long time.What are the reasons for this popularity of B 757-200?</p> <h2> around New </h2> <p> In order to better understand the essence, should first give a brief historical digression.Boeing and Airbus - alpha and omega of the aviation industry - for decades, competing with each other for the title of the manufacturer of the best aircraft in the world.Today they breathe almost "neck and neck" - but in 80 years Boeing Corporation was ahead of almost everything, including the application of innovative developments in their latest models.</p> <div class="mid-g-block"> </div> <p> </p> <p> So, in 1983, after long labors Boeing engineers, is designed replacement already flying off its Boeing 727 and 737, has its first B 757-200.A number of technological innovations introduced in this model did not have analogues in other aircraft company "Boeing", produced before or in the ships of the same "Airbus", or even more so from other manufacturers.</p> <div><center> <script async src="//"></script> <!-- tipings --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:inline-block;width:336px;height:280px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-4235477045164216" data-ad-slot="4216162687"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> </center></div> <p> For example, the first time in the history of aircraft in the cockpit were placed computers that were given an important flight information and calculates the parameters of motion of the aircraft.In addition, the cabin has become more comfortable than it has ever been.In short, the launch of new products was a success - B 757-200 set the new benchmark, which equaled many go after models.</p> <div class="mid-g-block"> </div> <h2> Specifications Boeing 757-200 </h2> <p> </p> <p> aircraft B 757-200, a photo which you can see above, is not too large and has the average size by the standards of civil aviation.However, it is only in words - but in fact the ship looks quite impressive, including in terms of size.So, its length is 47 meters, height - 13,5, and the wingspan is 38 meters.</p> <p> He is able to carry up to 239 passengers at a time, delivering them to the destination at a speed of 850 km / h (cruise).Maximum range Boeing 757-200 of 7,600 kilometers, which makes it suitable even for flights to the Atlantic coast in the United States to Western Europe.</p> <h2> Choice seats in the aircraft (for example, UTAir) </h2> <p> aircraft B 757-200, interior scheme is shown in the picture, in principle in its design has no major differences from any more or less modern aircraft production, "Boeing" and "Airbus"and general advice on choosing the seats in the aircraft will be relevant for him.Nevertheless, there are particular about which you should know.</p> <p> </p> <ul> <li> width in the second row of seats is slightly narrower than in any other, which is caused by being in the arm folding table.</li> <li> 15 row outboard seats may have no window.</li> <li> In place of 31A you will have less free space, as part of its emergency door covers.</li> </ul> <p> Everything else is standard: near the toilets and kitchens to choose the places it is not recommended, the same applies to emergency exits, which, however, has its advantages (more space for the feet with a few exceptions like the place 31A).</p> <div class="mid-g-block"> <div id="yandex_ad_R-70350-2"> </div> </div> <p> layout of seats on the plane pretty standard - 3-3.</p> <h2> competitor and successor models </h2> <p> main competitor B 757-200 model is the "Airbus A321", manufactured by the already mentioned European aircraft manufacturing concern.This Airbus is slightly inferior to "Boeing" in the number of passengers as a European can take a maximum of 220 passengers against 239 for "Boeing", and significantly weaker in the flight range - it is smaller by as much as 2,000 kilometers.</p> <p> direct successor of the aircraft became Boeing 757-300, which received a large seating capacity and lengthened fuselage.The first "Boeing" 757-300 was released in 1998 - and the period between that date and the time of release 757-200, is as much as 15 years, clearly shows at a "good" of the latter.</p> <p> Corporation "Boeing" has produced all-time 913 aircraft Boeing 757-200, which, according to statistics, has become one of the safest aircrafts.</p> </div> </div>