Military schools for girls.

modern world is rich with examples of extravagant display, and the women on the list is not the last step, and in some ways are the leaders, as the charm and femininity are considered to be unique and a unique set of earthly perfection.However, the emancipation of women and the global trend of growing influence on society fairer sex are forced to think more about the veracity of determining that previously mentioned and is inherent in the notion of the "weakness".It's no joke: the military school for girls, and still it is due to the historical pattern of democratic development of our country?Let's take a closer look at the realities of today's modern women's self-realization.

Who's the master?

slender beauty in uniform Airborne few strange looks, but if you consider that it is not a medical officer, a platoon commander handlers parachutes, at the time and at all to think about what will happen to the men in the future ... In the meantime, everything is justIt begins.Military schools for girls opened their doors just a few years ago, to be exact - since 2008.During this time, several hundred women in the rank of the officers have graduated from educational institutions and set foot on the path of Defenders of the Fatherland.Truly heroic act is now, and female dignity.

Destroyer stereotypes

Admission to the Military School provides a fairly serious selection procedure.Travelled medical committee - not the basis for it to be returned to the lists of students.If you take note, that a candidate for a place in the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School - a girl, then can only pay tribute to the courage and determination of the fair half of mankind.Huge competition and incredibly tough entrance exams are still under the power of some conqueror in a skirt.In spite of everything, the girls tend to be weaker than men in any humanities or in physical training.Good or bad, time will judge.

meantime ...

Today, military schools for girls have become a temporary home.With an eye on the official career abiturientki properly and patiently endure all the hardships a soldier's life.Perhaps the reader and the writing style seems somewhat ironically, he did serve as an occasion to reflect on what it is to live according to military regulations and comply with the strictest discipline, burdened by natural unsuitability.Nevertheless, "the art of war" has already received its recognition in the female half of our country.And it's hard to disagree.Of course, in the main modern girl considering the prospect of parting with high heels and make-up in order to devote his life to serving his people some perspective in fantastic unreality.Meanwhile, the Russian Armed Forces are replenished female personnel in the face of determined women.

Suvorov Military School for girls

Let the history of the world and does not know the woman to be awarded the rank of general, though saying "He is a bad soldier who does not dream of becoming a general" lives on.Needless to say, the young "warriors" are not deprived of the natural desire not to stop there.Perhaps it is the present-day opportunity for women to become a prestigious military academy cadets will be some incentive to achieve the highest success in the military field.After cadets have always been, are and will be a model of patriotic education, and at the same time candidates for high office ranks.It is worth noting that the process of education in institutions of this type is caused not only in-depth study of military art and the humanities, but also involves the use of a variety of programs and courses for the comprehensive development of cadet: etiquette, ballroom dancing and music are an integral part of the best traditions of military education.

girls' Harsh weekdays

Military schools for girls in all its diversity, of course, are not the place where the sound trumpet calls of constant and exhausting mushtrovaniem where the command "lights out / lifting."Discipline and academic performance - first and foremost.Woman by nature endowed with a heightened sense of responsibility, and even if what he wants to achieve, you will certainly achieve this.Therefore, some of the features of a girl's nature harmoniously fit into the conscious understanding of military duties and the requirements of the statute.Suvorov education not only gives you the right girl without entrance examinations to become virtually any entrant higher military educational institutions, but also contributes to the spiritual growth of the individual and is a fundamental source of life skills.Girl cadets on a par with the guys have to learn topics such military affairs:

  • fire training;
  • tactical training;
  • protection against weapons of mass destruction;
  • drill;
  • study charter.

Everything else prestigious military education includes the study of 4 foreign languages, ballroom etiquette, as well as introduces the protocol ceremonies.Yet, despite the favorable conditions for pupils and optimal physical activity, habitual female weakness sometimes break out.Nevertheless, there are power and self-control takes over.

What to do and what is needed

First of all, it should be noted some specific training or that the training institutions of the Ministry of Defence.For example, he graduated from the School of Communications, cadets may be a specialist such directions:

  • radio broadcasting and television.
  • Communication networks and switching systems.
  • Multichannel telecommunication systems.

worth noting that the Voronezh Military School for girls offer a specialty meteorologist.However, it is necessary and most sought after in the Russian Air Force.In order to enroll in higher military educational institution, you must first apply to the local Commissariat and attach the following documents:

  • copy of birth certificate;
  • copy of the document proving the identity and citizenship;
  • map of professional psychological selection;
  • autobiography;
  • copy of the document on secondary education;
  • three photos (without a hat, size 4,5h6 centimeters);
  • medical documents prescribed form;
  • characteristic of a military school from the place of work or study.

Moreover, the Applicant must pass all the standards for physical training (running 100 and 1000 m), as well as written exams on the subjects: mathematics, physics, Russian language (dictation).In most cases, the above list of required documents is obschetrebuemym and acceptable for almost any type of military educational agencies.

strategically important profession

If the command unit of the woman is not peculiar, what could be more appropriate, if not perform their economic activities in the armed forces of his state?Military Logistics School prepares officers for food, clothing services, and produces specialists provide fuel.Skills is the best dock with female economic.Therefore, the army needs specialists who know how to organize appropriate support and create favorable conditions for storage and transport of strategic food, material and energy resources.

In conclusion

Modern women are quite capable and fully suitable to serve the Fatherland.After the army - is the unity of the people in his manifestation of a strong and profession - to defend their homeland - a vocation that does not depend on gender.So, ladies, listen to the dictates of the heart, and all the stereotypes and prejudices leave nervous.Who can protect a child better than a mother?And men - children of their mothers ... The paradox of life.