Women killer: many children sadist Rosemary West

Rosemary West Pauline (nee Letts) is serving a life sentence in a British prison after a 1995 court found her guilty of having committed the sadistic murders of 10 women and girls.

Not for the faint of heart!

Rosemary Letts was born in November 1953 in the fishing village of Devon.Her mother, Daisy, suffered from severe depression and his father, Bill, was a schizophrenic, who also was a tyrant who demanded from his wife and children unconditional obedience and obedience.He loved to keep the house and the iron discipline and constantly searching for a way to beat the household.APB employee he was so engaged exclusively in low-paid unskilled labor, and then changing jobs.The family was always short of money.

First, Rosemary was born, Daisy had time to have a Bill of three daughters and a son.The chronic lack of funds and abuse of her husband with her children, and led to the fact that in 1953 a woman was in the hospital, where she was treated for severe depression electroconvulsive therapy.Shortly after these procedures, she gave birth to Rosemary.As shock therapy impacted on the fetus in utero is unknown.But be that as it may, from the other children, she differed from infancy.

Baby Rose has developed a habit of rocking herself in a crib and a stroller.And becoming a little older, I loved hours shaking his head.From the side it seemed so she hypnotizes himself.

Rose was not very smart, but very nice childhood.Later, however, she showed a tendency to obesity.

Despite the lack of intellectual ability, she had the umishka to become his father's favorite.She always promptly execute all his orders and thus deserved a father's love and avoiding a beating.

At school she stars from the sky is not enough.In addition, being overweight made her the object of cruel jokes by their peers.But the descent offenders Rose did not give: she threw on anyone who teased her.As a result, the school she was an aggressive loner.

In adolescence, Rose showed signs of precocious sexuality.After the bath, she paced around the house naked and loved to climb into bed with his younger brother and caress him not quite sisterly.

rules established by his father, forbidden to meet with Rose boys peer, besides its excessive weight and impetuous temperament forced youths to stay away from her.So your interest in sex girl drew on older villagers.As a result, a middle-aged man raped a 15-year-old Rose, taking advantage of her naivety.

In early 1969, Daisy, tired of being a punching bag for her husband, Rose sank times and moved with her to the eldest daughter and her husband.Left without the hard papa supervision, daughter spent a lot of nights away from home.Her husband's sister later told me that Rose be confused with the older men, and among other things it, and tried to seduce him.

In mid-1969 Rose returned to her father.It really surprised others.there was talk that the Pope and his daughter had an incestuous relationship and that Bill do different propensity to corruption of young girls, but confirmation of these rumors have not received.

Then Rose met Fred West.

Fred was born in the family of Walter West and Daisy in 1941 in the village of Much Markle 120 kilometers from London.As a child he was very handsome, fair-haired, blue-eyed baby.

Despite the war and the poverty in which they lived, the wife of the West for 10 years, gave birth to six children.With Fred's mother had a very close relationship, he was her favorite.The relationship with his father is also going well.

But the handsome blond youth turned into a scruffy teenager.His hair is dark, curly and unkempt steel.from his mother, which was not so beautiful, son inherited too large mouth and large uneven teeth.Students, he was useless, and Daisy often went to school poorat a teacher who dared to rebuke her beloved little son.It did Fred target of numerous jokes and humiliation over the fact that he - a sissy.

The 15-year-old West dropped out of school and moved to the farm laborers.

At 16, he began sexual life, but he was very aggressive in dealing with the opposite sex.

Fred claimed that his father was having sex with his own daughters, justifying this action with the words: "I gave birth to you, so that I have the right to have you."But in view of the fact that Fred was a notorious liar, it's hard to say whether his father was guilty of incest or knock up one of the sisters are not the father, and the Fred.

When the West was 17, he was in a serious car accident that put him for a week in a coma.At the head of the injured had to insert a metal plate, a broken leg shorter than the other stayed forever.Some say that it is a head injury did Fred prone to sudden fits of anger and rage, during which time he lost control of himself.

recovered after the accident, the young man met with a pretty 16-year appearance Catherine Bernadette Costello that surrounds called Rena.From early childhood Rena had trouble with the police, and by the time exploring the West she was skilled thief.Almost immediately after they met, they became lovers, but a few months later Rena returned home to Scotland.

Fred quickly turned his attention to other sexual objects.Once he crawled under the skirt of a young woman who was next to him at the emergency exit from the youth clubs, where the fire occurred.The woman was so outraged that excellent blow sent Fred tumbled down the fire escape.In the fall he hit his head and lost consciousness.It is said that this incident has aggravated brain injury received by him during a car accident.

In 1961, Fred was accused of corrupting a 13-year-old girl who also became pregnant by him.There is nothing reprehensible in child molestation Fred did not see, considering that so do all.The girl was the daughter of family friends West, and this attitude Man in the incident was received with hostility by his relatives.Fred told to look for another residence.

distanced himself from his family, he went to work at the construction site.

parallel to this, Fred was tried for having sex with 13-year-old girl.During the trial, his doctor said that the patient suffers from seizures.The West did not put the prison, but the die was cast.At the age of 20, Fred West was convicted as a child molester and petty thief 9ego attracted more and shoplifting).For a family it was a disgrace.

In 1962, parents have softened their attitude to the shiftless son and allowed him to return to his native village.the summer of the same year from Scotland back Rena, and their relationship with Fred resumed.They approached each other, an experienced thief, Wren was not a simple average girl - it was experienced ugolovnitsa that adolescence is actively stealing and prostitution.

But something is making complications in their relationship: the fact that at the time of the return Rena was pregnant by the bus driver, and even to the same and Asian, not very much like Fred and could become a serious problem on the way to,to his family recognized Renu its rightful second half.

Fred and Rena secretly married in November 1962 and immediately moved to Scotland.The parents believed that she was pregnant by Fred.In March 1963, when there was a small light Charmaine, Fred wrote to his parents that their child with Rena died in childbirth and that they adopt a girl of mixed race.

It would seem that the situation is resolved successfully and married life will flow on the usual scenario, but ... Rena, though, and had behind them a relatively solid experience of prostitution does not want to be a prisoner of the insatiable sexual appetite West.Interest Fred to conventional sex was minimal.He longed to plowshares, bondage and sodomy, and a desire to overwhelm him constantly, at any time of day or night.

Fred got a job as a truck driver, carrying ice cream.This gave him access to many young women.Teenage girls, and hovering near the truck with ice cream, courtesy and attracted interesting stories driver.Despite almost daily infidelity, Fred was very fond of his wife and daughter.

In 1964, Rena bore him a girl who was given the name Anna Maria.The next few years of marriage, characterized by ups and downs.At this time in their lives appeared Ann McFall.Her boyfriend died in a car accident in which was involved and Fred.West was not to blame for what happened, but concerned that may lose their jobs, he and his wife, two daughters and Ann McFall returned to England and got a job working at the slaughterhouse in Gloucester.

This work turned out to be a huge influence on Fred.It was at the slaughterhouse at the West arose painful obsession with blood and dismemberment of corpses.

Meanwhile, relations between Rena and Fred became increasingly unstable.My wife wanted to go to Scotland with her daughters, but the West refused to give her children and Rena moved to Glasgow one.But to survive the separation from the girls he could not, and in 1966 returned to Gloucester, where she found that Fred and Anne live together in a trailer.

Rehn asked the constable to the statement, which claimed that her husband is a sexual pervert, unable to educate their daughters.

By the way, at the time it was recorded in Gloucester 8 sexual assault committed by unknown.Description offender provided to victims, had a clear resemblance to the appearance of Fred, but the responsibility it has not attracted.

children had also not taken.

In 1967, Ann McFall became pregnant from the West and began to demand that he divorce Rena and marry her.Fred replied to the ultimatum was the murder of Anne.She and their unborn child.McFall corpse he buried next to the trailer.It was in July 1967.

Fred not only killed his mistress and their unborn child, he slowly and methodically dismembered her body and buried along with the fetus.Moreover, he cut off the victim of fingers and toes.It would become his trademark ritual sign of future crimes.

After a while Rena moved to trailer to Fred.He suggested that the legitimate wife back to the old craft and prostitution to earn money, and he returned to the driver.

in Gloucester in January lost 15-year-old Mary Bastholm.She was abducted from a bus stop.It is believed that it did Fred West, as in later times he abducted in a similar way to other women.

In February 1968, Fred's mother died.For a loving son, it became a huge hit.

work at the time he changed quite often.November 29, 1968, working as a delivery driver in a truck, carrying baked goods, Fred met the one who would become his second wife and companion - Rosemary Letts.

Bill Letts did not like Fred West.When he learned that his daughter was sleeping with this man, he immediately turned to social service, and when it has no effect, come to Fred and the trailer began to threaten him.

Shortly thereafter, Fred jailed for various offenses and theft.Rose returned to her father, but then it was discovered that she was pregnant by West.At age 16, Rose left home to take on the burden of Charmaine and Anna-Maria and support Fred was in prison.In 1970 she gave birth to a daughter, Heather.

with three children on her neck, her boyfriend-convict and constant money problems, Rose was in a state of constant irritation.It angered adequate care Rena, and she appealed to them very badly.

One summer day in 1971 Charmaine suddenly disappeared.Anne-Mary Rose said she took the girl Rena.

Actually Rose during another bout of anger scored girl to death.Fred, who was at that time in prison, was released a few days later and buried in the cellar Charmaine kitchen of his home, after cutting off her fingers and toes, as well as cut the kneecaps.

After returning from prison, Fred Rose's father had tried to take her home, but his daughter refused to go back.

killing Charmaine, Rose rewarded both a problem and an excuse to get rid of his first wife Freda.In August 1971, Rene began to search for her daughter and her husband did not leave the choice: he had to kill her.He strangled her, dismembered the body, cut off fingers and toes and buried the remains in the same place earlier made a similar Ann McFall.

After that Fred and Rose began to live as they would like.In Gloucester has a large colony of immigrants from the West Indies, and it gave both the opportunity to earn money and entertainment.Rose invited the men who came from the islands of the Caribbean Sea, to their home and have sex with them, or for a fee, or just for fun.Fred encouraged such behavior by watching what is happening in the specially built peephole.Regular sex did not interest him: in order to get his sexual interest were necessary bondage, vibrators, acts of sadism, lesbian scenes.

Fred Rose was doing erotic pictures and post them as an advertisement in a magazine for swingers.

In late 1971 the couple became acquainted with his new neighbor, Elizabeth Agius, who became engaged sometimes babysitting for them.Once upon return of Fred and Rose Elizabeth I asked them where they were, and they answered honestly that drove around the neighborhood looking for young girls, preferably virgins.Elizabeth thought they were joking.On another occasion, Fred Agius openly offered to join them, and one day a couple slipped Elizabeth intoxicants and raped her in a perverted form.

In June 1972, Rose gave birth to another daughter of Fred, Mae West.By the time the pair have legalized their relationship by registering their marriage in Glocheroskm wedding ceremony in January of the same year.

After that, the couple decided.that to accommodate a growing family and business expansion of sexual services, which is engaged in the Rose, they needed a bigger house.The choice fell on a house located at Cromwell Street, 25. Outside the house looked homely, but inside it was great, had a garage and a large basement.

To pay the rent, the couple took the residents.

In the basement Fred had appropriate plans.He said Elizabeth Agius was going to turn it into a place where Rose will entertain its customers or whether it will make the basement is completely soundproof and turn it into a torture chamber.Finally

basement turned and then in the other.And the first victim of the torture chamber was the 8-year-old daughter, Anna Maria, Fred.Fred and Rose undressed her and said that she was lucky she had such caring parents who have to make sure that when she gets married, it will be able to fully satisfy her husband.Stepmother stepdaughter hands tied and gagged.And then firmly held Anna Maria, while her father raped daughter.The pain was so severe that the girl for a few days could not go to school.The girl was warned that it would be punished severely if she blabbed to someone about what happened to her.

The next time the stepmother pulled his arms and legs girls belts, and then Dad-quick raped daughter during a short lunch break.

In late 1972, Fred and Rose lured to his 17-year-old Caroline Owens, saying that hire her to babysit for children and promised that it will be treated as a daughter.

Caroline was very attractive, and the couple even staged a competition to find out which of them will be able to seduce a girl before.But pretty soon he saw through the hideous nature of Owens West and said that moving out of them.

couple seized the girl, forcibly stripped her and raped.Fred told her that if she did not do what he wants, he will keep her in the basement and let his black friends have it, and after it's over, he would kill her and hide the body so that it neverfound.Caroline believed him.

When Caroline's mother saw the bruises and the bruises on the body of her daughter, she forced her to tell the truth and called the police.

hearing was held in January 1973.Fred at that time was 31 years, Rose - 19, and it was once again in position.Fred was able to convince the judge that Caroline was raped and that she went to the sexual contact voluntarily and without coercion.Despite the conviction of Fred, the judge did not believe that the West was capable of rape.

And then the couple finally came to believe in their impunity.