Dalaman Airport is always ready to receive guests

To get to famous resorts on the Marmara, the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea in Turkey, did not need to fly to Istanbul or Antalya.It is enough to take advantage of the flight to Dalaman Airport.

It was at this international airport carried out flights from various cities of the world: Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Milan, Rome, Hannover, Brussels, Vienna, Oslo and many others.More than 125 areas, both external and internal.served here.Some of these air travel is seasonal and carried out only in the holiday period - from May to October, when Turkey aspires large number of tourists for recreation.Many large and small airlines enjoyed the hospitality of the Dalaman Airport.Normally these flights - charter flights associated with visiting Turkish resorts vacationers.

Location and the functionality of the airport itself

Dalaman Airport (photo attached) is located close to the spa town of the same name, 6 kilometers away.It is a modern terminal with lots of potential.Currently Dalaman Airport can be carried out simultaneously as the 35 flights to take off, and at the reception.Each year more than 3.5 million passengers use its services.

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Now Dalaman Airport - a large modern building service flights with two terminals 24 and the reception.Since the opening of the terminal in 1987. Many years have passed.Over such a long period, the airport has undergone several reconstructions.Still under some construction.Each year, thanks to the introduction of modern innovation Dalaman Airport increases the estimated annual throughput.Already at this point, the figure is, according to the organizers, 10 million passengers.

infrastructure services

Terminal building now - it's 4th floor, where the first and the second - for the passenger seat, and the rest are used for departure and arrival.For the comfort of clients on the territory of the airport functioning:

- duty-free shops;

- bars and cafes;

- ATMs and exchange offices;

- post office;

- payphones;

- Wireless internet;

- pharmacy;

- selling point of the press;

- Flower Shop;

- bathrooms;

- room mother and child;

- luggage storage;

- a children's room and playground;

- medical center;

- waiting room and recreation;

- Lounge for passengers with small children;

- tourist bureau.

All this for convenience and comfortable pastime offers its customers Dalaman Airport.Turkey is always glad to its guests and tries to give them a lot of services.Wide infrastructure of passenger services confirms this.

As in all international airports in the world, in Dalaman has developed a structural network of shops "duty free".There's a very low price you can buy products of famous brands.

Special services

not deprived of attention especially religious passengers.For them at the airport, there are places where you can pray, regardless of religion.To this end, the organizers have allocated a place in the chapel, a mosque and a synagogue.Such an attitude toward people of different religions speaks of respect for him.

After landing at the airport immediately comes a sense of comfort and confidence.From the plane, passengers almost immediately get into the station building on the "sleeve."At the same time they do not disturb any weather surprises.

Mutually beneficial cooperation

Mutually beneficial cooperation of airlines, land transport operators and travel agencies resulted in a balanced system of circulation of passenger flows without delays and massive traffic jams.All passengers of the airport completely "incarcerated" under the flight schedules of different directions.The Dalaman Airport and from the tourists get on the comfortable air-conditioned bus.If vacationers using the services of travel agencies, the transfer in either direction from the airport included in the price minute.Otherwise, the cost of travel by car - up to $ 10.Ride in the direction of Marmaris - Dalaman Airport takes no more than one and a half hours in Fethiye - about an hour.If necessary, at the request of passengers, the driver can make a stop in one of the gas stations.

For the entire period of the airport there were no pads, has never been the theft of luggage at the airport.Service Lost & amp; Found will always help cope with any incident.

area attractions

More and more tourists are attracted by the region of the Turkish Riviera Dalaman.This is due to the development of new destinations for excursions to the sights:

  • hippocampus .Rock ancient graves.The most popular attraction of the area.
  • Kalinda .The ancient settlement on the top of the hill, from where you can admire the entire region.
  • Kaunos .The ancient city of the Roman baths.
  • Thermal natural healing complex Sultani.
  • Bay SARS, Kursunlu, Ekinik, Bungyus - environmental complexes with picturesque places.
  • River Dalian unique mud curative complex.
  • River Dalaman with torrents, popular with rafting enthusiasts.

All these routes are combined with a beach holiday, make the region attractive for tourists to Dalaman.Accordingly, an increasing number of tourists visiting the region to enjoy the services provided by them to Dalaman Airport.

slogan of all departments Dalaman Airport: "We are committed to international success!ยป