Predatory Things

most ordinary things sometimes have on our lives deadly impact.

"Horror stories" of everyday life

This story happened at the dawn of the development of entrepreneurship in Russia.Several owners of cooperative stalls imposed exorbitant tribute to the young racketeers.It helps neither persuasion nor the numerous appeals to the police - after similar actions appetites and the audacity of young people is increasing.And then the business of despair turned to the well-known in their area of ​​psychic-magician.

With a special ritual money, which was intended as the next racketeers bribes, were processed.On the same day they were handed over to gangsters, racketeers and in the evening the young were in a terrible car accident in his car.In the living there was none.

Another case occurred with my good friend.Suffering from unrequited love, she longed "prisushit" man of her dreams.For help, she turned again to the sorcerer, whose sign promises to do such an act with absolute success.A prerequisite was only the presence of photos and some things "narrowed."As always, after a ritual object belonging to a young man who had quietly come back to it again.

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problems in the collection of things arose - this was the key to the car.After a ritual witch girl should return it to the place.But this is something just did not happen, for several reasons.The friend left the key itself - a long memory.A month later the taxi in which she was traveling with friends, overturned on a slippery road.Of the five people who were sitting in the car, when she died - a fracture at the base of the neck.The rest escaped with minor injuries.

... plus horror

Through Western militants and mystical thriller Most readers already know the rituals of voodoo sorcerers related to plots on the victim's belongings.Similar techniques were used and applied modern magicians, and in our country.Especially it has become fashionable in recent years - due to the irrepressible desire of some people to get rich at any cost or to improve their affairs at the expense of others.

By the way, thanks to all the same movies, video clips, many viewers today subconsciously prepared to accept information that previously lay with seven seals.

Here is another example of the indirect impact of things (in this case - video) on human consciousness.

can add here electro-magnetic effects of home and professional appliances and machines.All this, taken together, figuratively speaking, the human brain switches to "on line" and opens a channel of influence on it through the most ordinary things.

Carry your cross ... correctly

staff of the International Institute of Social Ecology (MISE), know hundreds of examples of psycho-emotional impact on the person through the most ordinary objects.And this is not always with the intention to harm a person.Most people will get destruction - due to ignorance of the fundamental laws of life in society.

So, once in the Institute of Social Ecology came a man who had a strange hobby - find lost pectoral cross.He picked them some time wore on her, and then when there is a new, hung at the wall in the bathroom.For several years, I plucked a pretty decent collection.But health over the years for some reason declined sharply.The man had suffered a whole bunch of diseases such as chronic, and in normal.Some of these diseases, doctors have successfully won, but has consistently emerged again.

Why modern magicians and sorcerers are asked to bring things to a man, who wants to have an impact?The fact that the objects that surround us, after a while the "sound" at those frequencies at which the brain works and the body of its owner.In the wake of this very easy reach of the "carrier" of information and provide a programming effect on the subconscious level.Such parts of the human body as nails and hair, which is usually thoughtlessly thrown away, bear almost the full information about their former owners.

Or take, for example, the widely advertised diapers.Used, they carry information about sexual activity and urinary system in children.For example, they do not burn, that is preferable, and thrown in the trash, where they rot and decay.At this time, the child's sexual chakra begin the destructive effects of the program at the level of holographic communications.And then the mother wonders where her child is sick so often.

The same thing happens with different pads and tampons used by women.Such thoughtless, incorrect interaction with the products of civilization will not leave without a job Gynecology and Urology around the world!

extremely harmful can be regarded as the transfer of footwear, gloves, use a comb, a handkerchief or towel, as in all these cases, the mixed fluid carrying information about human life.

amulets, icons and ... booties

From time immemorial has reached us welcome the creation of magical jewels and amulets.It is based on the properties of the liquid in the transition to the crystalline state - under the influence of any of the information field - how to "remember" the structure of the vortex, the current at this time.In a similar way to create a so-called "force things" working amulets, which are made in the presence of their owner.Usually at this point the host things is in a meditative trance.

very similar method is used painters who go to work in a state of religious ecstasy.Charging a high frequency of your brain paints on a canvas, they thereby form a miracle charge that feeling then believers in the churches.

But not only religious and magical things have strong properties.These may be ordinary subjects: domestic utensils handed down from generation to generation, bedding, shoes and clothing.

Once the parents of five girls appealed to employees MISE.The child started to progress of diseases caused by the curvature of the legs.It turned out that the parents of the girls passed Shoes inherited by another newborn.But misfortune.Having lived only six months, the baby died.He was buried in the very booties that once belonged to our daughter.Thus, seemingly harmless thing has become a kind of "bridge" for the penetration of information destruction.

Have people where their saliva gets, the atmosphere in which they sleep and how their metabolic products are displayed?Mankind has learned to acquire and mindlessly throw a lot of things, it is not aware of the consequences of their actions.And in vain - say experts of the International Institute of Social Ecology.A whole layer of culture today requires serious study - the culture of dealing with things, everywhere around us.

Environmentalists offer protection

Energy-information system, part of which is the human mind, is too sensitive to external influences.Using thing, showing her emotions, a man leaves his mark on it.Under certain conditions, this invisible information should enter the dissonant frequency contact with the brain.And then a person may experience a variety of health problems.

avoid serious consequences of rash actions with the things you can.Most often people get a defeat in terms of information, rather than energy.A healthy, strong body can be protected from this kind of impact on the subconscious level.With the penetration of the defeat, he indicates, for example, allegedly unreasonable rise in temperature.But the weakened body stress city dweller may react unpredictably to the weakest influence.

therefore necessary to master the basics of ecological existence in society.Often, compliance with the most basic laws of saves from many ills.

now developed many techniques of so-called "otzhiganiya" from energonedostatochnyh people from sexual partners, there are methods of normalization and harmonization of relations with the older generation, with relatives and friends.

With regard things as necessary to meet minimum safety regulations.For example, it is desirable not to use the things of dead people.Otherwise, the living person is connected to the information field of the former owner, than can be harmful to your health.

not recommended without special methods of "detente" to transfer the things little kids, old clothes and shoes.Trouble in business, family relations, health may be related to the fact that the favorite things pass unfortunate relatives and friends or give to the poor, and maimed, the channels of charity.Separately, it must be said about the photographs and video, starring the owners of these things because of the pictures is easy to connect to a people.

things by themselves, of course, do not represent any danger.Ages of predatory things done by people who do not know the laws of the world impact on the consciousness and subconscious.This leads to the most unpredictable consequences.After all, as you know, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Rector of the "International Institute of Social Ecology" V.V.Gubanov

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