New competitions

New Year is impossible to imagine without the noisy feast in good company.In order to please friends and have some fun yourself, you can initiate a variety of New Year's competitions, for example, the following ...

1. Hang a toy on the Christmas tree.Participants with their Christmas decorations out in the middle of the room.All were blindfolded and each twist several times around its own axis.The task of each party - to go in that direction, which, in his opinion, is a tree and hang on to her toy.Minimize impossible.If the participant chose the wrong way, he is obliged to hang the toy out of it "utknёtsya."To add confusion in the ranks of participants, women can be distributed evenly around the room and stand in their way.The one who hangs on a tree toy is the one who finds the most original place for toys.

2. Christmas tune.Expose the bottle and given a spoon.In turn, participants suited to the battery of bottles and using a spoon sing Christmas tune.The winner of the one whose melody seems the jury over the New Year.

3. Namesake tree: Participants are invited to call namesakes beauty - trees.Christmas tree, fir - the root of the "El."Let them remember the names, which have this root.(A competition. Participants called name: Elena, Elisha, Elizabeth, Savely, Ophelia, Eleazar, Ninel, Stella, Melanie, Paul Bell, Nellie, Pantelei, Angelina, Angelina, helium, Felix, etc.).

4. Cucumber.Select one master, and all others are in a very tight circle (shoulder to shoulder).And the hands of the players must be present at the rear.The essence of the game: you have to pass unnoticed by the master behind the cucumber and at every opportunity to bite off a piece of it.The task of leading guess in whose hands is the cucumber.If the master guessed, the player becomes caught him in his place.The game continues as long as eaten cucumber.It is very funny!!!

5. Ringing glasses.Inventory: 2 glasses with champagne dressing.Caused by two members, one gives the glasses to another blindfolded.Member with glasses getting in one place and when The leader raises his hand up, ringing glasses against each other.The leader has the right to raise his hand up three times, and three times should ring out glasses.Winner: driving, if it is correctly oriented and find a player with glasses.He gets a glass, drink champagne and participants for their health.

6. Throw money away.Bidders issue of banknotes.The player's task - to three attempts "purged" the money as far as possible.After another attempt to fit the players to the place where the bill is dropped, and again blow.Whose bill will fly farther - and he wins.Alternatively, you can organize Moving the denominations teams for the relay.

7. The contest "the most sensitive".The competition involved only women.Participants are facing the audience.Behind each is a chair.Leading quietly puts on each chair a small object.At the command of all the participants sit down and try to determine: what kind of object underneath.View and use your hands is prohibited.The winner is determined by the first.

8. Eat it.It's not even a game, but the rally.Caused by two girls.They are invited to eat on the banana race blindfolded.It would be easy?But as long as the girls are blindfolded leading the girls to give him offers to hold the bananas, this time wearing a condom on a banana.The reaction of the girls when they try to bite, hard describable, but all the fun is guaranteed!

If you have your fun contests and lotteries, we offer you to share them in the comments.Happy New Year!

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