Sexual Preference straight - the only right way?

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time when our country, "there was no sex," has long passed into oblivion.Today, on this subject freely talk all and sundry.And the close relationship between members of the same sex is no longer an article of the Criminal Code, as a fashion trend.Despite the fact that sexual orientation is heterosexual is no longer considered to be the only permissible, psychologists, sexologists and other serious men are not tired to argue about this.At the same time there are strong arguments both supporters and opponents of same-sex love.To understand this question can not even experts.We do not set ourselves the goal.Our task - to list only a well-known facts.

Let's start with the principal.The most common orientation - heterosexual.The attraction to the opposite sex experiences more than 90% of the world population.Gay and bisexual men is much less (probably why their sexual behavior is considered abnormal).

awareness of himself as a representative of a particular sex takes place in a child by the age of five.Then the individual generated sexual identity and orientation of sexual desire.

Most sexologists and psychologists believe that the orientation of hetero or homo is laid in childhood.According to them, a tremendous impact on this issue has the correct sex education.

accepted that homosexuals or lesbians grow up in single-parent families where one parent is absent.However, it is not clear where in this case, there are bisexuals.

According to another version - sexual orientation is laid in the womb.The reason for deviation from the norm are infectious diseases.Today, experts are increasingly mention the impact of social and cultural environment on the formation of youthful sexuality.However, it seems that this cause is more concerned with politics than sexologists.

However, even in the absence of any restrictions, sexual preferences of the majority of people tend to be traditional.Best of all it confirms the experiment conducted by American psychologists.

from several families, they created some semblance of the commune.Under the terms of the hostel did not forbidden to engage in any kind of sex, selecting partners according to their sexual fantasies.

At some time in the "family" voluntary manners reigned with frequent change of partners and group orgies.But after some time, all newly divided into heterosexual couple became isolated, and began zealously protect their relationship from attacks by.

course, monogamy and heterosexual orientation - a traditional, historically formed life style.But to say that this is the only way to implement the sexual attraction, do not have to.There are at least three alternatives to the standard model of behavior.

way, Canadian psychologists have offered to enlarge the list of minorities and even pedophiles.According to them, this is the same sexual orientation as a bi or homo.

Now a little about how the form of deviation from the norm.Society almost unanimously determines the sexual behavior of homosexuals as sexual promiscuity.Surprisingly, the ladies - supporters of same-sex love, the relationship is much more tolerant.

However, scientists believe that the roots of the problem lie much deeper.The first look at the problem of homosexuality as the peculiarities of the human psyche dared Karl Ulrichs (1825-1895), who himself was gay.As a person interested, he approached the issue in great detail and in a couple of years, he released a scientific paper "Study mysteries of love between men."

Incidentally, the term "sexual orientation" into practice introduced by him.Most of his contemporaries did not support a colleague.In the fashion of the time to debate in print, Richard Krafft-Ebing published his opus in which homosexuality is referred to only as "a degenerative condition of the mind."

Curiously, today is the mass of the supporters of this theory, which recommend various methods of psychological correction of deviant behavior when choosing a sexual partner.However, cases of "miraculous healing" is not observed.

have esoteric in this respect there own opinion.They believe that same-sex relationships do not give harmony, because they lack the two components (male and female).Talking about the love between partners, in this case at all is unacceptable.
However, to teach, to instruct, to refer to religious dogma and opinion of the majority can be any number.But do not forget that every person has the right to dispose of her body at its own discretion.The only correct solution to the problem can only be tolerance and tolerant attitude towards those who are in the minority.