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twentieth century gave the world a lot of the writers whose works have become famous and won the love of millions of people.And one of those talents was Alexander Twardowski.Brief biography of him, however, as its complete form, studied in the school curriculum.And no wonder, because the life of the Soviet writer and poet was full of interesting and at the same time tragic events.This article is a brief biography of Twardowski for those who have not read it before.Urgent fix this oversight.

So, birthplace of the poet and writer in 1910.It happened a significant event in the province of Smolensk in the family of a blacksmith who was called Trifon.Alexander's mother - Maria Mitrofanovna.The father of the future writer was a man of very well-read, so the house can often be heard reading aloud Lermontov, Pushkin, Nikitina, Gogol, Yershov and so on.It is not surprising that little Sasha soon began to write poetry.And at that moment he could neither read them nor to write, because he was illiterate.His first poem was a wrathful denunciation yard boys who ruined bird nests.

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brief biography Twardowski says that in high school when he was 14, he was appointed village correspondent local newspapers.And in 1925 he published the first edition of these poems of the poet.After 4 years, Alexander went to Moscow to find out there like literary work.But about a year later returned to Smolensk, studying at the Pedagogical Institute and live here until 1936.Around the same period in the life of the writer's tragic events occur.His family was dispossessed and banished.But, in spite of everything, there is a series of essays under the title "On the collective farm Smolensk."Poem "Country ants" can be considered a major step in all his work.

In 1936, Alexander is still moved to Moscow.It is reported a brief biography of Twardowski.And in the years of study at the Institute of History, Philosophy and Literature, he is engaged in many translations of the classics of the Soviet peoples.When Alexander was a student, he was awarded the Order of Lenin for achievements in the field of literature.Due to the fact that the writer has made all-union recognition, he manages to bring back their families from exile.

The military way of the poet begins in 1939.He is actively involved in campaigns as voenkora.And produced by it during the war years, bringing Tvardovsky massive fame.That only is the poem "Vasily Terkin".Every educated person at least once in life, but read it.Well-known poem "Road House," which describes the horrors and despair of war.It is not all the works that glorified poet and who are proud of Tvardovsky.

Brief biography of his reports that the post-war years he was a member of one of the districts of the Vladimir region, then in Voronezh.And in 1950, the writer was appointed as editor of the magazine called "New World".In the next decade Twardowski continues to create.And the magazine takes on a new direction with the permission of Khrushchev."Neo-Stalinists" did not appreciate these changes, so after removing Nikita against the "New World" campaign was carried out.Glavlit not allow important materials for printing, but formally dismiss Alexander Twardowski nobody could.Alternatively, it was removed from the post of his deputy, and in their place came hostile people.Brief biography Twardowski speaks about what he still had to resign in 1970, however, the team left the magazine with him.In late 1971, Dec. 18, Alexander Twardowski fell ill and died shortly afterwards.Buried famous writer, a respected and talented people in the Moscow Novodevichy Cemetery.