Remember the classics: Chekhov, "Thick and Thin" - summary

We all remember Chekhov's dictum that brevity - the sister of talent.First of all it refers to the talent of Chekhov.Being a brilliant master of "speaking" parts, the writer was able to one or two well-aimed words, a few strokes to present to the readers of his heroes, both living and to describe comprehensively the situations in which they find themselves.

«Thick and thin" plot and story

Consider for example the story "Thick and thin."Summary him reduced to such events: the platform Nikolaev railway station with the train coming off the family official.Head of the family hails someone who turns around and finds that his former classmate found out, and now also the official.Whoever came - "thin": thin, dressed rather poor, and the smell of it is not too presentable, road ham sandwiches and coffee grounds.He laid them suitcases, cartons and other road belongings.A former friend of his - "thick".His lips glistened hearty, fragrant it expensive cologne and expensive wine and the dinner which just ate in the station restaurant.Here, in fact, the whole story, make up stories "Thick and thin."Summary it further: a small conversation between Misha ("thick") and purple ("thin").And here come to the forefront Chekhov's "details".Subtle at first did not notice the difference in social status between itself and the second officer.He lives a wealthy life, but quite happy.Has a small salary, makes for sale cigarette cases, the wife gives private music lessons.Porphyry genuinely pleased to meet sidekick childhood emotions and memories flooded and overwhelmed the hero.He, like his friend, his eyes are tears, and both, according to Chekhov, "pleasantly stunned."However, the tone of the work is changing radically when the narrative takes a "party" thick."A friend of Misha 'turns out to be already a secret adviser - rank in Tsarist Russia considerable!It has a "two star" and generally well settled.Here and tied product latent conflict inherent in the very title of the story "Thick and thin", a summary of which we are considering.For Porphyry rise buddy career it was unexpected.Being himself a petty official, and "small" man, he used to revere the powerful and fear them.The hero immediately "switched on" mechanism insubordination, bootlicking, fear of the authorities.Chekhov masterful it shows.Fine if all contorted, his smile of genuine becomes miserable, strained, reminiscent grin and long chin is pulled and becomes even longer.He mumbles something, stutters and is a quite pathetic.Porphyry humiliated, with voluntarily humiliated!Slavery spiritual, mental, like a poison, literally oozes from every pore of his body, of his every word.He again is "Misha", which is now the mushrooms for the project, his wife and son, with himself and family members become more like a "thinner", stretching in strunochku or cowardly hiding, trying to be inconspicuous, sёzhitsya.Causes this episode bitter laughter and insult a man for his virtues trampled story "Thick and thin."Summary it later comes to describing the emotions of heroes."Tolstoy" all the hype surrounding his title distasteful.He's really happy purple and sees it is not subordinate, but a man, a longtime partner of children's pranks."Thick" happy to talk about the past, remembered the carefree childhood.But this idyll is not possible, according to Chekhov."Thick, thin," a summary of which we are considering - realistic work.And behavior is quite typical of porphyria, and corresponds to the brutal truth of life.In a society where there is no freedom of sorts, where autocracy violates human rights and comprehensively enslaves him where the material side of life makes its own rules, the little man is very rarely act on an equal footing with the "big man."This tells us all humanistic traditions of Russian literature: Pushkin's stationmaster Samson Vyrin and Akaki Bashmachkin Gogol and Dostoevsky Makar Damsel.And remember the "Death of the official" Chekhov of the same - why the death of his hero?Fear that sneezed to the chief!That's our summary of "thick and thin" draws your attention, dear readers, the main problem of the story: as a man "drop by drop" to squeeze out a slave?Voluntary slave!

product composition ring: it ends with the phrase, uttered by Chekhov at the beginning - that both were pleasantly stunned.Of course, the "nice" - in a figurative sense.But how to get rid of subservience - a question posed by the author to the reader.And all of us need to answer it.