British men think Kristen Stewart star of the most unattractive

In the UK, a survey was conducted in order to identify, which stars British men feel less sexually attractive.

1. Kristen Stewart. "honorary" first place was given to the ex-girlfriend of Robert Pattinson, the young actress Kristen Stewart.Perhaps because the British public expressed its attitude to her infidelity with director Rupert Sanders?

2. Sarah Jessica Parker. second place in the list given to Sarah Jessica Parker.One of the girls of "Sex and the City" is no stranger to criticisms about its external data.What actress has long marked the point of view: it is satisfied with her appearance and do not want plastic.

3. Lindsay Lohan. "comforting bronze" was given to the controversial Lindsay Lohan.Even her latest work on the image of the Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, did not help her in the public reaction to her shiftless life: alcohol, drugs, legal problems and exorbitant love for cosmetic procedures have made this socialite extremely unattractive in the eyes of British men.

4. Denise Richards. In the fourth place, to the surprise of many, turned out to Denise Richards.The earned its place in the list of the former wife of Charlie Sheen?A spokesman for the company that conducted the survey, explained by the fact that 42-year-old actress has recently become too thin.

5. Kirsten Dunst. But fifth place in this list is surprising, it was given to Kirsten Dunst - the actress who repeatedly fell into various top lists "most beautiful" and "Sexiest".

6. Mischa Barton.Sixth place was taken model Mischa Barton, apparently British men do not impress her appearance in numerous glossy magazines.

7. Hilary Swank. seventh place was given to Hilary Swank.Rather, its role in the film "Million Dollar Baby" at all killed in the eyes of many, the image of a romantic heroine.

8. Lucy Liu. Another actress, participating in steep militants - Lucy Liu - in eighth place.

9. Tilda Swinton.Ninth place man gave his compatriot with an unusual appearance Tilda Swinton.

10. Uma Thurman. closes the top ten non-sexual star actress Uma Thurman.

Strange are these British men ...