Honore de Balzac: the work and life of the great writer

Honore de Balzac - the great writer of French origin, whose "The Human Comedy", instead of around a hundred novels (97 volumes), has become a reflection of the era."Powerful and tireless worker" - so called famous writer of his close friend and colleague Victor Hugo.

Life and works of Honore de Balzac

Despite the prefix "de" inherent aristocrats, Honore de Balzac came not from a family of nobles.According to some reports, his father came from the peasant class, and his mother - from a family bourgeois.From the age of four, the future writer was brought out, first Balzac was in clerical school, then dropped to his fate stay in boarding schools, which have remained Honore most negative memories.After completing the education (bachelor's degree), the young man went to the notary office, where he served for almost three years.However, when his father encouraged him to open his own practice, Honore refused, determined to devote himself to literature (at that time he had already written several novels).Having settled in a poor quarter of Paris, a writer would set to work.Roman, who will soon make Honore widely known, came out of his pen with a fantastic speed.But critics were merciless - they did not recognize his works.

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then an unknown writer for lack of money the time has come, and Honore de Balzac (works which at that time did not represent any interest for publishers) decided to organize a number of financial projects, non-literary works.But all attempts to get rich turned to him just another debt.

Honore de Balzac: works, changed his life

In 1829, Balzac returned to the writer's craft.It has set itself a true "Army" mode: evenings sleeping and woke up around midnight, again took up his pen, maintaining its power with the help of numerous cups of strong black coffee.Balzac worked with incredible speed - a day he could fill a few goose feathers.

After the release of the book "Chouans" finally got the deserved attention Honore de Balzac, his works began to be published.Hard work was rewarded, and after the release of the novel "shagreen" young writer altogether became known as a fashionable writer.Inspired by the success, he decided to create the epic "The Human Comedy."But this plan was not to become a reality completely - Balzac managed to write only about a hundred books.Before the reader's eyes appeared as the whole life of the characters: their birth, growing up, falling in love, marriage and children.The publication of the novel in the series "The Human Comedy" brought the writer a much-coveted honor for his unrivaled novelist.

Great Honore de Balzac: Artworks (list of earlier works)

After the release of the following works of the writer finally formed his life and creative positions:

  • novel "Chouans", for which the fall collections of scenes from private life (1830);
  • story "Gobsek";
  • «House Cat and Racket";
  • «shagreen" (the product of the writer brought huge success).

Despite the constant attacks of critics, Balzac continues.After a while he had the idea to combine all existing and future books in the saga.Since beginning to emerge, "The Human Comedy."As conceived by the well-known author in the world (on everyone's lips sounded his name - Honore de Balzac), works that will be part of an epic, must describe all of society, his class, age, that is to create a picture of manners of his time.Some stories included in the epic "The Human Comedy»:

  • «Lost Illusions";
  • «elixir of long life";
  • «old maid";
  • «Physiology of marriage" and others.

Before his death, tormented terrible pain Balzac asked him to bring a doctor Bianchon, the hero of one of his books.Thus, at the end of his life the writer is completely immersed in the world, invented by himself.