How to ride a motorcycle.

Today the bike is quite common vehicle, driven by can be seen as the teens and people of venerable age.Click on a motorcycle, many citizens are able to solve the problem of movement associated with traffic congestion by road and the lack of quality of the roadway.But before buying the vehicle and use it to move, you need to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

For these purposes there Motoshkola where professionals being trained to drive the vehicle.Typically, these institutions have specially equipped playgrounds and necessary equipment.Training time is about two months.Before you enroll in a driving school, it is recommended to buy clothes that are suitable for employment.The kit should consist of comfortable pants, jackets, boots, gloves and helmet.

In addition, how to ride a bike, you need to know about how it works.In those cases when there is minor damage, or it's time to carry out routine maintenance, these same knowledge will be very helpful.

Although information on motorcycle maintenance detailed in the instructions for its use, no harm will attend lectures instructor in the theoretical part of the course on how to learn to ride a motorcycle.

practical part of the training is based directly on teaching driving skills.Begin development of a motorcycle with a lesson on how to get a move on and how to ride a motorcycle in a straight line.Then the exercise is complicated by the implementation of the "snake" and turns.Gaining confidence at this stage of training, you can start to make a transition to a training ground in the streets, where you should be especially careful, because the bike has always been considered high-risk vehicles.

So, having been trained in Motoshkola and received the right to drive a motorcycle with the category "A", you can safely buy the "iron horse" and use it to move.However, to understand the science of how to ride a motorcycle, and you can own.

practiced driving the best on a country road or on the track where there is no busy traffic.Motorcycle to acquire such experience is best not to use the new, has low weight and maneuverability.Older models such as the "Minsk" and "Sunrise", ideal for self-study.

First of all, you need to get comfortable and get used to the bike, maybe sit on it or try to ride it.Then start and have to get used to the zavedёnnomu.Do not forget to check the tank.It is necessary that by this time it was opened (position underneath the crane must be horizontal).

transmission have to be in neutral position.If there is any doubt - it is easy to check.We need to try to ride the bike forward, not touching anything when rolling, it's okay.

Squeezing the clutch (far left lever on the steering wheel) starting exactly get a move on.First gear while slowly releasing the clutch, and adding gas.

During the ride, try to keep the speed and not to increase it.

When it's time to stop, you need to squeeze the clutch and release the throttle.Then lift the gear shift lever until you hear a slight click, and release the clutch lever slowly and, as in the beginning of the movement.At the same time he continues to operate a motorcycle.Only after this the engine can be stopped.

This regular flow chart will help you get an idea of ​​how to ride a bike, learning to ride on their own.However, even having acquired the basic skills to drive this vehicle, driving courses will go entirely superfluous.It should be remembered that leave the roadway is possible only if the driver's license, which is obtained at the end of courses Motoshkola.Let

riding a motorcycle will be useful to you, and most importantly - safe hobby.