10 most harmful errors for a career

What pitfalls to be avoided?Research CTI (Center for Talent Innovation - Support Centre talented innovation) from New York, held throughout the year among 4,000 US specialists with higher education and 268 senior executives identified, 10 of the most serious mistakes made in communication in the office, which destroy hopesto increase.

1. Racism and sexism

72% of surveyed executives of the blunder committed by men in the office, called racist remarks and 70% that of men called sexist remarks against women.According to the researchers, thus it appears narrow-mindedness and a low level of emotional responsiveness.

2. bawdy jokes

Joking aside discord.Especially in the office.Inappropriate jokes put people in an awkward position and indicate the speaker's inability to properly assess your audience and the environment.At the same time 61% of executives believe that the ability to assess the mood of others and effectively be adjusted in accordance with the their statements, their tone and content - is one of the most important skills needed to advance in the workplace.


Crying Tears in the workplace (and it does not matter, they are caused by a significant cause or not) harm the image of the leader, especially when it comes to men.59% of executives believe that women's tears make a bad impression, and 63% believe the tears one of blunders committed by office staff.You should be able to control their emotions.

4. uncultured speech

Executives argue that it is important to demonstrate the solidity of the leaders, pragmatic and intellectual power.That is why we are uncultured immediately undermines the chances for promotion.One IT-manager told researchers: "I saw the heads, which seem at first glance, competent, but as soon as they open their mouth and start talking like real clowns pea, it seems instantly dissipates."

5. Swearing Swearing

perceived as an error regardless of the sex of the speaker.This behavior is generally considered inappropriate and unprofessional manager.Interestingly, it is also a gross mistake that the Internet, which in itself is a communication minefield.The respondents named three main communication errors in the Internet publication of unflattering reports about their colleagues, accommodation of non-professional photographs and overly personal remarks.

6. Flirt

There are people who believe that flirting in the office has the right to exist.However, almost half of managers said that such behavior undermines the professional reputation, whether man or woman behaves.Flirting - hint of even a small possibility of a sexual relationship between two people - it could easily be misunderstood.

7. Scratching

It is not only repulsive, but also distracting spectacle.Conduct surveys, researchers found that, in principle, fussy behavior weakens "the head of the charm."If a person in a business meeting constantly straightens clothes or twists in the hands of mobile devices, it begins to seem as if it is something confused or he is not careful.

8. Avoid eye contact

Specialists body language claim that avoiding eye contact gives the impression that a person is lying, or he has something to hide.This behavior during a business meeting makes me think about your disinterest.At the same time, if you look people in the eye, they feel that they are listened to.

9. Talk about trifles

If a person can not be brief and coherent account of his thoughts, the others begin to feel that he is not in control.This also weakens the power and influence of those ideas that he is trying to express.The former head of Bank of America Sally admitted Krouchek president Center for Talent Innovation, that women usually difficult time to shut up."We need to understand what power has the silence - she explained - because women like to fill the pause chatter.But leaving space around the important thoughts, thus giving people the weight and solidity of what he wants to say. "

10. Too frequent giggle and shrill voice

Leaders called too often giggle or laugh basis of a communication error women and shrill voice - a major problem for men.Laughter in the relevant circumstances and the right tone of voice - an important indicator of the solidity of the head.The researchers found that the sharp shrill voice is perceived as overly emotional and people just stop by to listen.

Articles Source: forbes.ru