Support staff from orgies - to pay divorce

7 companies supporting the morale of its employees in the most unexpected way.

company that distributes every Friday to their employees free beer

Once a week, every employee of the company «Advanced Medical» (Port Orange, Florida) gets holodnenky free beer.

CEO Jennifer Fuichelli agree that alcohol in the workplace - something quite risky, but believes that their companies with the help of the Friday beer manages to create a special "informal corporate culture", which is well worth the risk.

So at the end of the workweek, all employees receive compensation in the form of the right to uncork a bottle misted directly at your desk, when the working day is not finished yet.And here it is, the result: "We have a very low turnover of staff, people working with us for many years" - says Fuichelli.

company arranged for the best employees visiting orgy

German insurance company Munich Re has decided to encourage the most distinguished employees, arranging for their orgy with professional prostitutes.The event was visiting and was held in one of the spas of Budapest in 2007.

Feedback from witnesses, everything was organized with traditional German thoroughness: on the wrists of all the girls of the staff were tied ribbon in two colors - red indicates the waitresses - they should apply only for drinks and snacks.

remaining pleasures insurance salesmen provided the girl with yellow ribbons.After each customer girl put her hand on a special stamp to, then find their way as she already "has turned out."

company offers its employees free Botox injections and a solarium

This company is engaged in production of natural gas.Besides Botox and solarium, the services of its employees - a luxury gym area of ​​6500 square meters, yoga classes for parents with children, plastic surgery, screening for cancer and even assistance in obtaining a certificate diver.

company, decided to raise the morale of employees using "naked Friday»

Guide Onebestway British company turned to psychologist David Taylor with a request to raise the morale of its employees depressed.Taylor proposed to introduce "Naked Friday" - one day a week to drop off his clothes, and complexes with it.

first employees embraced the idea, to put it mildly, without enthusiasm, but in the end, almost all completely separated - except for one man to cover up loincloth and a woman who so failed to convince remove underwear.

company with its own private shopping center

Microsoft's owned shopping center called «The Commons» entrance to which is open only to employees of the company.Here you can sit in the cafe, take a loan, use the services of mail and buy everything your heart desires - from candles to mobile phones.

company that pays its employees divorce

Employees of the law firm «Pannone», which is located in Manchester (England), said that for the first time heard about the company, its employees covering expenses for divorce five years ago.And since then, the number of cases continues to grow steadily.

company where you can go to work with pets

employees of the American company Airbnb, which is engaged in renting private accommodation online can go to work with their dogs and guinea pigs at least every day.In addition, the company gives them the opportunity to go sailing, play ping-pong, once a week to practice yoga right to work and eat at the corporate canteen only ecologically clean food.

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