Mantra heals all diseases.

Everyone knows that hurt badly.But not everyone knows what the disease is, what are its causes and how to get rid of it.

What is disease?

At its core, the disease is dysfunction of certain organs of the human body, as well as self-control processes that support our bodies.The imbalance of the human body - a very complex and at the same time wisely arranged, self-sustaining and samokoordiniruyuschego all occurring processes in it, - is due to exposure to a variety of factors, external and internal.

All of these effects can be both negative (destructive) effects on the body, and positive (or restore).Simply put, by external factors should involve the food, the human environment and information space in which it exists.Internal - emotions, thoughts and spiritual qualities, the state of which is formed of the spiritual culture.

true source of the disease

For example, if there were problems with the kidneys, you should pay attention not only on a person's lifestyle, food and water, which he uses, but on his emotions.Immediately we can say that if a person has a fear, and it lasts a long time, kidney disease, it is guaranteed.

Another serious in its destructive emotional feeling of having a huge negative impact on the human body - is anger.It is precisely hits the gallbladder and liver.Depriving these bodies of energy, feeling person enters into a depression, which, in turn, is transformed into anger and depression increases.

Emotion, spoiling human blood in the literal sense of the word - is irritability.While under its influence, the man himself, with a completely voluntarily changing the chemical composition of the blood, making it more acidic environment.Diseases such as erysipelas skin - a direct consequence of the impact on the body stimulation.

pancreas and spleen are constantly attacking anxiety that on a subconscious level, or, as they say, without cause, deprive them of life-giving energy.The feeling of depression pulls the train of the problems are not the best - the appearance of tumors, disruption of internal secretion.Constant feeling of sadness clearly directed against the respiratory organs and also deprives them of vital energy, without which their normal work impossible.

As a result, we can safely say that the bulk of all diseases are the result of imbalances in the emotional state of man, his astral body.Hence the conclusion: before you take on the healing of physical problems, it is necessary to solve the problem to restore the emotional component.

This is facilitated by the use of such techniques as mantra meditation.Mantra meditation is based on the ability of the awakening of the human "I" to his reunion with the supreme intelligence.

What is a mantra?

if the animal receives energy from outside the body through the processing of food, drink and the air, the make-up of spiritual energy is carried out in a somewhat different way.This meditation techniques, devotional state, and many other spiritual practices.But the man on the forces and to produce energy waves of high order.And one of the ways of the production of energy is the spiritual mantra healing all diseases, which will be discussed later.

opinion that the mantra is, the invention of the human mind, is mistaken.This is supported by more than two thousand years of practice of their application.Mantras were given by the gods and brought into the human world through a special wire.It is considered the most powerful of the Vedic mantras Gayatrѝ Mantra - a powerful, and has been given to people in a very long time ago by the sage Vishwamitra.

mantra Impact on human

mind of European man, a religious experience which is based on the reference to God with a specific set of meaningful phrases - prayers - barely perceives the ancient Vedic tradition of repetition of mantras, counting her murmur, not having any sense.In fact, the mantra healing all diseases, is a word form, has enormous energy potential and contains a lot of information at the level of the sacred.

main purpose of mantras - the human exposure through his mind for the purpose of spiritual development.But enclosed in their strength and power allows the individual to influence the universe, and human civilization as a whole.This ability is related to the origin of mantras.The source of a Higher Intelligence, the Divine Mother, the Great Logos.

Gayatrѝ mantra - mantra healing all diseases

Mantra can affect the individual chakras located along the spine.This helps to influence certain parts of the human body.But there is one great and beautiful mantra with healing properties, forcing feel the depth of the Divine and the ability to customize the astral body, the subconscious to the desired frequency, which can not only remove all the root causes of mental discomfort, but also regenerate man to bring him to the great source of all life.Eё name - Gayatrѝ mantra.

OM / Bhur bhuvah / Svaha / Thathsavithur Waren / BHARGO devas dhimahi / dhiya yo nah PRACHODAYAT /

This sacred mantra that protects against disease, in the Vedic teachings has many interpretations.Here is one: «O Divine Mother, our hearts and minds are filled with darkness.Please help us to remove from the darkness of ignorance and enlightenment brought to us. "This is the mantra for health, healing mantra, which can be used all - no restrictions exist.

It is necessary to know

Treat this mantra should be, as the greatest and fragile treasures - carefully and cautiously, with the same feelings that are worthy only of the Goddess - humility, love, faith and reverence.Not the number of repetitions, namely the feelings of love and reverence for the mantra - the main thing in this meditation.Meditate preferably shortly before dawn, around noon and immediately after sunset.And never forget that Gayatrѝ mantra heals all diseases, is a full reference to the Divine Mother.