Meaning tattoo "lotus" in the modern world

Today, young people increasingly popular tattoo colors.Such images are almost always a symbol of nature, symbolizing the cycle of her birth, the dawn of life and death, rebirth.Living plant gives impetus to the realization of man's inner world, develops desire to act outside the box.

symbol lotus in the East

Flowers in the cultures of various nations have many values.For example, a tattoo "lotus flower", the value of which will be discussed below, has come to us from the East.It east lotus filled with deep spiritual meaning.Due to its shape this bowl-shaped flower embodies the feminine.That cup before used to be considered a symbol of procreation, life, place of birth, longevity and prosperity, health and immortality, purity of soul.

If we consider the value of the tattoo, "lotus", it should be noted that this flower, namely its structure, represents the relationship between male and female.

For example, in India the lotus correlated with the yoni - the female reproductive organs that personifies the mother goddess, the beginning of a great sacred power.

lotus symbol in India, Rome and Greece

Tattoo Meaning "red lotus" comes to us from India.Red flower is the emblem of this country and is a great creative force.In Egypt, he represents intelligence and kingship.In ancient Rome and ancient Greece, the lotus was the emblem of the goddess of love, but in Hinduism it represents the entire universe, the liberation from a sinful life and immortality.In Iran, this plant is related to the cosmic life.

Since the lotus is a symbol of the East today, he expressed chastity, fertility, purity and chastity, spiritual growth, a compound of the moon and sun, peace and tranquility, harmony and happiness.Meaning tattoo "Lotus" may vary in some countries, since each culture gives it its special meaning.Before you understand this, you need to consider what is the lotus.

What is the lotus?

lotus is extremely beautiful flower, sacred in the eyes of native plants growing in the muddy water.It grows a lot of years in the underwater soil is underwater and surface leaves.Those that float on the water, ploskookrugloy shape, they sit on the powerful straight stalks of different heights, resembling a large funnel.Leaves of the plant are covered with wax coating that gives it a mysterious look.Drops of water falling on a leaf, glitter, so much resemble pearls.

carries the symbolism of the East, it is a symbol of purity.Meaning tattoo "Lotus" is very interesting.This plant can be found in the Buddhist treatises.Since the flower is born in impure water in the swamp, he still is born pure and untainted.Likewise, all creatures that are born in "the world of samsara," but to follow the teachings of Buddha, over time, get rid of vexations.In Buddhist art widely used image of the lotus.

this sacred plant man predestined role.In many works of art, such as painting, poetry and sculpture, lotus in modern times it has not lost its value.He goes on to mention in verse, it can be seen in paintings, sculptures contemporaries.

Lotus in the modern world

no wonder that so many young boys and girls choose tattoos lotus.This flower is delighted and continues to delight many people with its beauty, despite the fact that it grows in marshy waters.Anyone who is looking for a tattoo symbol "lotus", will open a lot of interesting.He learns that the flower symbolizes divine birth, peace, goodness and harmony.Breaking the barrier of muddy water it blooms on the surface of the reservoir, staying clean and pure.So people, according to the religions of the East, if you follow the teachings of righteous eventually cleared, acquiring purity of thought and spirit, and give the world the beauty and richness of the soul.

Lotus in the cultures of different countries

value tattoo "lotus" today quite extensive.This is due to the fact that this flower in different cultures and beliefs of a large number of avatars.But all of them have something in common: Lotus combines the two principles, masculine and feminine, hence the beauty and tranquility along with stubbornness, a desire to overcome obstacles and go safely to his goal.Maybe that's why tattoos depicting lotus selected as a representative of the weaker sex, and men around the world.

Lotus - a huge beautiful flower delicate pink and white with a transparent heart.Anyone who sees him at least once, ever fall in love with him.The flower gives off a sweet fragrance that carries a person to the country of the rising sun.An ancient legend says: "To wish come true, you need to think of it, along with the aroma of lotus breath!" Acquainted with this wonderful flower and its history, the majority of young people do not want to part with it, so have the desire to capture his image on his body.