Value Name Vilena.

Today's parents are vying with each other to see who more original name his son.In this regard, today you can find children with rather exotic names.Well, if Mom and Dad responsibly and deliberately approached the choice of name for the child they revered literature and find out exactly what it means.But there are other parents who are guided solely by the unusual and uncommon liked the name.For example, girls were narekat Wilen.But what is the meaning of the name Vilhena?

mystery of the origin of the name

Some people mistakenly think that Vilena - is the name of a foreign, European origin.Perhaps their misleading unusual to our ears, and the combination of phonetic similarity to some of the women's Western names (Willem, Wilma).

some truth in it, because, according to some, it comes from the male Wilhelm.But what is the true meaning of the name Vilhena?It has it Soviet origin and was born thanks to the October Revolution.Vilena - a shortened form of the alias and the initials of the leader of the proletariat of all countries Lenin.It turns out that the name is a purely Russian origin (but it is not a Slavic and Orthodox).That is a child in the church of that name to christen likely to fail.

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What is the name of Vilhena?

should be noted that at first it was invented male name Vilen, a derivative of which later became and feminine by adding the end of "a".During its existence appeared diminutive form: Lena Ville, Vilenka.

known that the name given at birth largely determines the fate of its bearer.What traits have Vileny?It's pretty thin-organized in terms of the mentality of the person, has the ability to art and sports.However, their talents may be disclosed only with the guidance of.Features

nature Wilen

Female name Vilena really beautiful.It is melodious sounds soft and feminine.His owner also did not differ in strength of character, leadership and masculine qualities.On the contrary, they are too flighty, a bit infantile, need guidance.

So, what is the name of Vilhena?

so named because the girl as a child demonstrates the ability of the sport, certain types of art.However, if they are not forced to work, they will remain undeveloped.

fact that Vileny not possess perseverance, commitment and high motivation.They will never use excessive force when they see that the objective or unattainable, or too elusive.But can pouserdstvovat in the case where there is even a hint that everything will turn out.

Vilhena prefers to non-burdensome, even windy and reckless lifestyle.She lives one day, without considering it necessary to take care of the future.Accordingly, it is often surrounds himself with the same playboy who aspire to light, gay and livelihood.

inner world

Despite such qualities Vileny - girls vulnerable, with a very fragile organization of the inner world.They are more closed than open, which does not prevent them from being branded as a chatterbox.But this is likely to occur on their emotionalism and the need to speak out.

Vileny very difficult to converge with people, although they may have a lot of contacts, but it is superficial connection.Internally, they are not able to trust someone and someone attached: due to its special warehouse soul these girls see in almost all enemies.Sometimes, even the people who set them kindly.But this quality prevents them from normal friends and sincerely communicate with others.

What else carries the meaning of the name Vilhena?These representatives always prefer instant profit, they should be all right now.Very often, they are depriving themselves of a promising future just because they do not want to suffer, and something on your time limit.

In relationships with friends Vileny prefer to always maintain peace and tranquility, never the first stand "on the warpath".They'll do for reconciliation, if one is needed for some purposes.

Married Vilena will always be behind her husband, but with their opinions.She asks him to respect and listen to him.Vilena - a good mother, wife and hostess.Her family - is its reflection.If the soul Vileny calm, even in the circle of people close harmony will reign.

She likes to do household chores, she was happy to potter with children, prepare meals, maintain order in the house and her husband's wardrobe.It gives her a sense of "usefulness", which for her is so important.It is necessary that the people at least a little of it depended on, so it is ready to make a small but good deeds.

That is the meaning of the name of Vilena.If we consider some of its features, with some developed, while others neutralized some of the girls can grow a talented and extraordinary man, the more so as the makings for that she has.