Ghost Lady Brown

Reynhem Hall - a patrimony of the Marquises Taunskhendov (Townshands), over the past 250 years, the estate visited by the ghost of the Brown Lady, shot once in the film.The result was one of the most amazing pictures of ghosts and apparitions.Reynhem Hall is a few miles southwest of Feyknhema in Norfolk, England.There is speculation that Lady Brown (Brown Lady) - a ghost Lady Dorothy Taunskhend, who was the second wife of the Marquis Taunskhenda.

At the age of twenty-six years, Dorothy married Lord Charles Taunskhenda surviving a year earlier, in 1711, the death of his first wife.But before that Dorothy was the mistress of Lord Wharton, Townsend learned about it after the wedding, his wife locked in her room, and then announced the death of his second wife ...

reached us a huge number of stories about meetings with the ghost of the Brown Lady.Perhaps one of the most famous stories happened at the beginning of the XIX century.George IV, the then regent, visited Reynhem Hall and spent the night in the State bedchamber.He woke up in the middle of the night, I saw standing next to the bed a woman in a brown dress, whose hair was vsklocheny, and his face is very pale.Very frightened, George swore "nor the hour in this damn house."

At Christmas 1835 with the Brown Lady faced Colonel Loftus, and guests then Reynhem Hall.Loftus saw the ghost for two nights in a row.The first time he saw a ghost standing near the ladies room Taunskhend, Loftus chasing a ghost ran down the corridor and disappeared.Another time he met The brown lady on the stairs carrying a lamp.As described by Loftus, it was a stately lady, dressed in luxurious brocade with a tight-fitting her cap on her hair, but with the dark eye sockets empty, that fear-mongering.Loftus sketched ghost and sketch shown in the following morning at breakfast.

Shortly afterwards Reynhem Hall invited novelist Captain Frederick Marrieta.According to him, the ghost was just one of the smugglers and poachers, densely populated while the area.One night he and two nephews of Lord Charles Taunskhenda close encounter with the ghost of the Brown Lady on the corridor.She was carrying a lighted lamp, and, according to the testimony Marrieta, "damn," he grinned.He had a gun in there, from which he shot at close range, but the ghost simply disappeared.Subsequently Marriet claimed that the bullet went right through.A bullet found in the door, which was right behind the place where there was a ghost.

After the incident of the Brown Lady was not mentioned until 1920, when it faced Taunskhend Marquis, who was then a child and one of his friends.

In 1936 he was invited a photographer to take pictures of the inside Reynhem Hall.Photographer named Shire and his assistant Mr. Provand photographed at the outbreak of magnesium;they photographed the ladder when Shire noticed a vague silhouette on the steps.He looked like a figure Brown lediodetoy in white women.Ghost went down the stairs down.Shire Provandu excitedly ordered to carry out shooting.Provand not seen the ghost turned the camera in the direction of the Shire.Provand not believe that Shire saw a ghost, and bet five pounds that the photograph showed no white silhouette.However, to his surprise, he lost - Brown lady appeared well on photos as a silhouette, resembling his vestments wedding dress and veil.This photo, which was published in the journal "Country life" December 1, 1936, became a sensation.Her study, experts were engaged, but they did not find any features of forgery.

Rumor has it that the ghost of the Brown Lady appears in Houghton Hall, in the house of the brother lady Dorothy, which was built on the site of the old family estate, where Walpole lived about six hundred years.Rumor has it that the best years of his life Lady Taunskhend provela in Houghton.

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