How to make the dough for pasties on mineral water?

Chebureki - a kind of grain tortillas stuffed with meat, onion and spices.There are many recipes for this hearty and tasty dishes.In some meat is used in the form of meat, in others - minced.

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difference chebureks dough which is mixed with mineral water, is a special lightness.Serve them should be certainly hot, then they will enjoy an unforgettable crispy.All this is due to the fact that the following dough chebureks on mineral water.That carbon dioxide bubbles give it lightness.So cook the most delicious pasties.Recipe test mineral water differs from the others by the presence of soda.

recipe first

Before the start of the cooking process should be sifted flour 800 grams.If the hand was no scales can measure glasses: they will come about 5. Still need to pour 0.5 liters of mineral water, as well as to prepare 1 egg, 500-600 grams of minced meat (best to take a mixture of pork with beef or chicken in a ratioeleven).You will need about 200 grams of onion and 2/3 cup of any broth.Salt and pepper are added for taste sensations.

are going to cook the dough for pasties on mineral water, water goes without pronounced salt and certainly A highly.Otherwise, the entire recipe will be meaningless.


  1. A highly water should be poured into a container, which is supposed to knead the dough for pasties on mineral water.There also should drive an egg, add a pinch of salt, pour a tablespoon of vegetable oil.Then carefully insert the sifted flour, trying to rub her continuous trickle.
  2. All components, taken together, should be stirred constantly with a spoon.Then the dough chebureks to acquire mineral water a smooth consistency without lumps.If the mass has become tighter, you can continue kneading by hand.When the dough will become plastic, light and soft texture, it should be covered to prevent chapping.Capacity should be placed in the refrigerator for several hours.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare the stuffing should be.To do this, one-piece or a piece of meat ready minced meat must be scrolled through with a grinder or blender and add the onion is one large or two smaller ones.When grinding the filling can be immediately pour salt and spices.For a traditional taste best black pepper, preferably milled.
  4. making dough on pasties on mineral water, note that the resulting product should be enough to leave school.Therefore, the consistency of a mixture of minced meat with onions is necessary to do a little liquid.For this purpose, the filling is poured bouillon broth.Add it slowly, stirring the mass.As soon as the desired thickness, the broth should be set aside.
  5. It's time to take out the dough on pasties on mineral water from the refrigerator compartment.Must be separated from the total weight of the small piece.Roll it should be as thin as possible with the help of a rolling pin to a diameter that together in a pan.Visually divide the circle in half.Stuffing should be spread on one half, cover it with the remaining edges and glue method tucks.


So preparing the dough for pasties on mineral water.Heat the oil in a frying pan or deep fryer must begin "shkvarchat" (a sign that it has reached the right temperature).Then you can start frying.Each cheburek need to put it in the pan and wait until it browns.You can then turn it and hold until golden on the other side.

Cooked pasties need to put on a wide platter.You can decorate with fresh herbs and sour cream filing poured into saucers or the edge of the plate.

dough in the bread machine

easily and hassle, you can easily cook the dough for pasties for mineral water in the bread machine.Products and their number need similar.According to the instructions of the majority Bread recommended that you fill the container for mixing liquid ingredients, then add flour, etc.To do so we: should first pour the water, drive the egg, add the oil, preferably vegetable refined.After that is filled with sifted flour with a pinch of salt.Next on the display to install the program dough and wait for the necessary time.At this point you can prepare stuffing for filling.When the bread maker to complete its work, it will beep.The finished dough should be removed from the container and place in a bowl with a lid.Then send it in the fridge and let stand specified time.

The process is no different from that described above.If pasties cooled down a bit and became less crispy crust, you can send the dish for a few minutes in a well-heated oven.


Finally some useful recommendations that may be useful in the preparation.Many have noted that by adding to the dough balls it becomes more rigid as a finished product.To avoid such trouble, because pasties valuable mineral water on their delicate texture, you can add only the yolk.It will give the dough elasticity and will not let him break when rolling out, however, and will not make it tough.

There is also a secret by which pasties produced particularly juicy.Making beef, salt is good only onions.Then he let the juice, which is a natural flavor enhancer for meat.The latter will retain all of its juice and the filling will tender and very tasty.