February 14 - Day of the mentally ill in Germany ... Rumors or truth?

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February 14 ... Everyone knows what kind of data and how the holiday is celebrated on this day people all over the world.But there are some interesting things that are worth mentioning separately.For example, did you know that on February 14 - a day of the mentally ill in Germany?

True or false?

Many people, by the way, know this interesting fact.But others do not believe that on February 14 - a day of the mentally ill in Germany.Well, should look into the matter.

In fact, it is not surprising that the Germans dubbed the February 14 as the Day of the mentally ill.In Germany, all clearly understand that love - this is the most that neither is now clouding his mind.And by the way, knows anyone who has ever been struck by the arrow of Cupid.However, the Germans are known for their thoroughness, so that's why February 14 - Day is a mental patient in Germany.By the way, this is not just a date.Germans this day adorn the asylums special attribute - scarlet ribbons, balloons and posters.And in the churches on this occasion conducted special services.So the information that the Day of Mental Illness February 14 noted in Germany, is actually true.

A common holiday

But really should allocate one more nuance.Feast of St. Valentine noted everywhere - is no exception, and Germany.Day of mental patients - this is an additional reason to mark February 14.Storefronts on the eve of the German stores are filled to capacity, and different cute trinkets attractive souvenirs.The Germans are happy to congratulate each other, handing out flowers, cards, soft toys, pendants and bracelets.In general, all the things that will bring joy to man.

Many German brands, by the way, after February 14, make a pretty solid prices.So this is an advantageous time for good shopping.It is worth noting that the meticulous Germans, accustomed to save your time, make purchases over the Internet.Online shops in Germany, too, are going to meet their customers make nice discounts and organize a variety of stocks.

Interesting facts

back to that day in Germany, the mentally ill - February 14, it is worth noting some interesting nuances.Valentine Germans considered the patron saint of people suffering from mental disorders.More should be said that the Day of the mentally ill (Feb. 14) - it is also a day of flower shops.Why is that?Everything is logical - it was the day the flowers are snatched away, as if hot cakes.No other day of the year of the hype and demand for roses is not observed.By the way, in this wonderful country, the most popular gift is a large bouquet of red roses.

And More Day of mentally ill people in Germany are launching a special courier.What is its peculiarity?And the fact that this train buy tickets only single people who want to meet with anyone.Very interesting idea.By the way, the Express is popular.Few Germans wish to spend a wonderful day alone.Because they buy a ticket, get on the train and select a companion.Once Express comes to the final station, formed a couple (or company) will be invited to the bar or restaurant.There they can meet each other in a romantic atmosphere.A few days later the participants send contact details of a man who liked.

German tradition

German people - a very cheerful and friendly people who love to entertain.And February 14 - one of those holidays that they celebrate in a big way.The Germans were happy to go to bars, walking around the city, bake the traditional for this holiday ginger cookies with frosting, spend time with your loved ones (even if there is a loved one - it is not unusual to spend the day with friends or family), buyor make your own gifts.By the way, if a tourist has appeared at this time in Germany, he could see a very unusual souvenirs on sale dedicated specifically to Valentine's Day, for example, statues of couples in unambiguous poses.

Germans very unusual celebrated on the 14th of February.Many of them attend this day of worship and help mentally ill people.