Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg - the same age as the city on the Neva

Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg is one of the largest in the world and the oldest in Russia.It was founded on the orders of Peter I, and opened August 29, 1703 in the Peter and Paul Fortress.The king ordered the construction of Zeughaus, which translates as "house equipment" or "Arms House", the caretaker who calls the storekeeper.Here were kept weapons and ammunition.But eager for any curiosities Peter I ordered a special decree brought here from all over the Russian artillery "memorable and funny" and captured.

Peter's first museum of artillery

second boost in its development Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg was in 1756, when the decree of Elizabeth and efforts feldtseyhmeystera General (Chief of Artillery) PI Shuvalov on the territory of the cast house was opened memorable Hall, which was converted Peter's Zeughaus.By the end of the XVIII century collection of storage totaled 8,000 copies.

Peter and Paul Fortress, built in accordance with the rules of erection of bastions, had Kronwerk or Coronaform fortification erected in front of the central part of the fortress (curtain wall) and connected to it by two long corridors.

close relationship with Nicholas I

When in 1868 the decree of Nicholas I, the room in the east wing kronverka located in the mezzanine and lower floor, were transferred to the Museum of Artillery, began his new story and more active lives.Part of the courtyard was reserved for the big guns.Kronverk fortress notorious leaders of the execution of the December uprising.July 13th, 1826 at Curtin moat were hanged five Decembrists Pestel, S. Muraviev-Apostol, MP Bestuzhev-Ryumin, K. and P. Ryleev Kakhovsky.

new museum building

In 1849, Nicholas I decided to convert the place reminded him of unpleasant events.He issued a decree on the construction of a two-storey stone building Kronwerk, which will have a horseshoe shape with the length of the central axis of 472 meters.On the second floor of the newly constructed buildings are loopholes, and loopholes.Ravelin, external walls have a thickness of 1.8 meters, makes a decent impression.A unique collection, which had artillery museum in St. Petersburg, in 1963, revolving fund another major museum, and in 1965 - another.Thus, there is a current of the three Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps, which is indicated in the title, which is a museum included in its composition.It occupies a large area on which are numerous tanks, combat vehicles and weapons.United Museum, whose age is close to 150 years, now has in its fund 850 000 exhibits.

curiosities museum

Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg is known to every resident of the city since childhood due to its unique specimens, some of which are amusing, but a functioning gun, presented Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich little Peter.There are also mattresses, firing buckshot and who participated in the defense of Moscow from Tokhtamysh troops, besieged the capital in 1380.There is here and mortar Pretender, cast famous gunsmith Andrey Chokhov.A unique collection of relics is famous not only in the composition of its exhibits modern missile systems, and ACS (self-propelled artillery).

Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg has its foundations not only artillery, here are the rewards of all Russian emperors, personal weapons Alexander I, Nicholas I, MI Platov and Napoleon.

Museum Address and ticket prices

priceless gift, handed divisions of the Russian army, which are made of silver, gold and crystal of the best masters of the world, concentrated in the vaults of the Museum of Artillery (St. Petersburg), whose address is: Alexander Park, 7.The nearest metro station is called "Gorky".The map clearly shows that the horseshoe Ravelin deployed to Kronverkskiy Channel, which runs along the promenade of the same name.

Reviews Museum gets the most enthusiastic.Of course, especially popular heavy machinery exhibited in the courtyard.But the collection of banners and exhibitions held here, temporary and permanent, are interesting as the people of the city, and numerous foreign tourists who are eager to visit the Historical Museum (St. Petersburg).

cost of a ticket giving right to inspect all the exposure for an adult will be 300 rubles, students and schoolchildren will pay 150. The museum comes to the price of tickets is differentiated - for Russians and citizens of CIS countries reduced the cost for adults is two-fold, and students, students and pensioners will have to pay only 50 rubles.There are other benefits, the details of which, as well as opening hours of the museum, are widely available.