What is 3g modem is better to choose for a permanent job?

need for constant and stable access to the Internet is now occurs quite often.Modern life is difficult to imagine without it, because the Internet has become an important assistant to man in many areas: in study, in work, in communication.The World Wide Web is constantly evolving, offering new opportunities and not to use these opportunities is simply impossible.Now almost everyone has computers, mobile phones and other devices with which to connect to the network.

development of wireless technology opens up new possibilities, because all devices are no longer tied to any one place.Mobile 3G networks offer relatively high speed data transfer, which can already provide a good, stable connection.Since then, as cellular operators moved to the standards of the third generation, began to spread throughout the device to work with them - with special modems.Despite the fact that they are completely externally indistinguishable, but have different characteristics.So the question is, how best to choose a 3G modem?

Immediately it is worth noting that in many ways the possibility of a modem depend on the network itself.This raises major problems when you have to decide which is best 3G modem.Mobile third-generation networks are constantly evolving, so their capabilities are also growing.However, this happens only in theory.In practice, it depends exclusively on the operator.

speed of data transmission in 3G

Particular attention should be paid to the speed of data transfer in existing networks.From this it depends on the answer to the question of which is best 3G modem.Minimum claimed speed is 3.6 Mbit / s.The indicator is very good, but the reality is somewhat different.In practice, the speed available to the user depends on many factors, primarily on the network load.Most rush hour happens in the evening when the figures reach almost half of what it should be.And it practically does not depend on the device itself.

In fact, if someone is interested in what is best to buy a 3G modem, it may be advisable to focus exclusively on the proposed rates and the communication quality of an operator.However, cellular companies sin unfair advertising, selling modems claimed speeds up to 7 or 14 Mbit / s.However, the reality is that the networks themselves are simply not able to provide such capabilities as it needs to modernize equipment, and in many regions, and even big cities this has not happened yet.This means that we should not ask what the 3G modem is better because in reality they all work the same way.

3G mobile Internet

However, the needs of the mobile Internet is still high, and in some cases it is simply irreplaceable.Free access via Wi-Fi point, too, is not everywhere, and it means that the 3G remains the only alternative.In some cases, it shows very good results.Speed ​​varies significantly depending on the time of day: the best performance fails to reach the night and early morning.Also, much depends on the quality of the coating.Many

when buying a laptop or netbook purchase a device for 3G communications.To advise which modem is better for a netbook, it is necessary to consider the state of networks, not the technical characteristics of the device.The determining factors are the cost of tariffs and quality of coverage.Although you can learn more about the possibilities of 3G in the city or region as a whole, which will have to use the internet, as in some cities are already beginning to be put into operation new equipment.