25 February.

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Every day is significant in world history, most people simply do not know what events are connected with this date which celebrities were born, who congratulates the angel.This article contains useful information about the twenty-fifth of February including a description of the date in the context of Russian and world history, a description of the sign of the zodiac, and other interesting information.

Day in History

February 25 - an important date in the context of world history.In 1721 on this day Peter I approved the establishment of a new administrative body - the Synod.His appointment was reduced to monitoring the functioning of the church, issues about the device and the discipline of the Christian religion in the Russian Empire.

Also on February 25 but already in 1836, S. Colt received a patent for the production of its famous and the world's first automatic revolver.His first model was called the "Paterson," but she did not lasted long.A decade later it was replaced by a new and improved rapid-firing pattern that immediately after the issue went to the US Army.

1977 brought to the capital of our country the news of the tragedy - burned the hotel "Russia" - one of the largest and most popular in the city.After this sad event hotel ceased to exist.In its place, the authorities plan to create a metropolitan park.


Under what star sign people are born on February 25?Sign of the Eastern Zodiac - Pisces.Fish self-critical and able to laugh at themselves.From the other people they claim should seriously.They have a very valuable quality - the ability to adequately assess their own strength.

disadvantage nature of Pisces is the volatility.It manifests itself in a regular change of perspective, frequently broken promises and petty lies like for any reason, and without it.

Pisces may seem helpless in solving any problems.In part, this impression is deceptive, as the representatives of the sign is just too lazy and dreamy to concentrate on reality.

People born on February 25 are full of contradictions.On the one hand, they may be weak and defenseless, and the other - strong and independent.It all depends on the situation.

As a rule, men and women Pisces is quite spineless and weak character, for example, to raise children, so they subconsciously seek to find a strong partner who surrounded them with care, protected from all the ills of life.Fish that are successful in your career, you can probably name a fortunate than motivated because they are better than others to adapt to the signs of the zodiac surrounding reality and go with the flow.

Born on this day

famous people born on February 25, many famous personalities that influenced the course of world history.So, 100 years before the start of the Great Patriotic War in France he was born the world-famous sculptor, painter and graphic artist, Pierre Renoir.

In 1943, George was born. Harrison, a famous rock singer and lead guitarist for The Beatles.In addition to performances at the legendary music group, Harrison was a composer, writer and producer.

In 1912 was born a very famous Soviet actor Vsevolod Sanaa, the grandfather of the modern writer and the writer Paul Sanaeva.Vsevolod Sanaev gave the audience a lot of bright and memorable roles: Colonel Lukin, Major Zorina, hoarse, and others.


Each person has an angel's Day.The exception is not, and 25 of February.Name Day that day noted Anton, Eugene and Mary.We give a description of each of them.

Anton since childhood has a charm that lifelong attract the right people to him.The school Anton usually with some difficulty given study.It is usually interrupted by a trio on the four for all 11 classes.In high school are all radically different, and Anton became one of the best students.Talent learning contributes to the rapid advancement of the career ladder.Bosses tend to them enough.

Eugene has many attractive qualities and skills.He is a dreamer, a romantic, can quickly learn foreign languages ​​and to use logic to solve problems.Eugene - most wonderful husband and father, who helps around his wife.

Maria is very kind and open, gentle and affectionate with others, so it is easy to get along with children.It responsibly fulfills all orders of the authorities, as a result can build a successful career in business or medicine.

Holidays in the day

should also tell which event marks the 25th of February.Celebration in honor of the Iberian Icon of the Mother of God - one of them.Currently, the icon is in the Athos monastery in Greece.According to legend, it was created by St. Luke himself.

Another important event February 25 - the feast of the State of Kuwait.In 1961, the country was officially recognized independence from Britain.