Beef fillet in breadcrumbs with herbs

Beef fillet in breadcrumbs with herbs - very tasty meat dishes, with dignity decorate your holiday table.

you need:

1 whole beef fillet (1 ½-2 kg)
1 tbsp.l.coarse sea salt
2 hours. l.Coarsely black pepper 2 tsp

sugar 2 slices of bread for toasting
120 ml chopped parsley leaves
1 ch. l.leaves chopped fresh thyme leaves
1 ch. l.chopped fresh rosemary
200-250 ml of grated Parmigiano (Parmesan, Grana Padano)
4-5 Art.l.rapeseed oil (olive EB)
1 hour. L.garlic powder (2 cloves minced fresh garlic)


If necessary, cut the film on the fillet and the meat dry with a paper towel.Bend thin fillet end of the main part of the meat.Mix the salt, pepper and sugar in a small bowl.Rub the meat with the mixture.Put fillet on the grill for roasting and transfer to a baking sheet for baking.Leave the meat for 2 hours at room temperature.

slightly dry bread.Cut the bread into small pieces, put in a blender, add 2 tbsp.l.parsley, 100 ml Parmigiano 2 tablespoonsoil and mode "pulsant" make a few turns.Spoon the mixture into a small bowl.

in clean blender put the remaining cheese, parsley and butter.Add thyme, rosemary and garlic.Pyurirovat to pasty consistency.Put the resulting mixture in a small dish.

tie fillets evenly throughout the length of twine at intervals of 4-5 cm. Preheat oven to 210 degrees F. Put the pan with the meat to a level just above average and bake for 20 minutes.Remove the fillets from the oven and cut the twine.Vanes evenly distribute the mixture of parsley and cheese, thyme, rosemary and garlic on the sides and top of the meat.Evenly sprinkle the meat with bread crumbs mixed with cheese and parsley and lightly press it to fillet.

Put the meat in the oven and continue to bake for another 20-25 minutes for (medium rare temperature of the meat in the thickest part of the fillet should reach 55-56 degrees C).If necessary (if the baby starts kaolin quickly be ready roasted) cover fillet foil.Remove the fillets from the oven ready, cover with foil and allow to "rest" for 20-25 minutes.Ready-portioned fillets cut into slices and serve.

Thinking aloud:

dish is simple to prepare.The most difficult, perhaps, is tying a fillet string.On request, and you can skip this point, but in this case there is a risk that the shape of the fillet deforms during heat treatment.Roasting time depends on the desired degree of roasting.Who loves less-done, it can shorten the time of the first bake for 5 minutes.

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