How to make memes, and is it worth?

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communication over the Internet has long reached a new level, and a newcomer on the Web is not so easy to understand, as evidenced by his companion.

Network What brought into our lives?

Each network has become a source of "their" information.Someone found the book needed someone learned apply makeup with the help of video blogs on the topic of beauty.Some lucky ones managed to make the acquaintance, which led to the meeting and mutual love ...

But most of all we love the laid-back anonymous communication, which led to the appearance of memes.Make meme (picture) is actually not so difficult.Only now is it necessary?

The appearance of memes has led a number of factors: free access to information, laid-back format of communication and often lack of responsibility for what was said.Between experienced users of the Internet memes are a kind of jokes that are understandable only to a narrow circle of people.But with the spread and popularization of the phenomenon is increasingly arises a natural question: how to make memes?

Perhaps, with the emergence of the Internet appeared and the questions that can be answered only by its users.The question of how to make memes, may confound the experienced journalist, even though he knows the answer to a normal high school student - the anonymous user forums and social networks.The reason for this is the different understanding of the definition of a meme.It is divided into two concepts: the scientific and meme phenomenon in the form of "mediavirusa."

How to make memes, if there is no sensation?

Under the meme in the wider concept accepted in scientific circles, meant a block of information transmitted through speech, writing, rituals - all activities inherent only Homo sapiens.A feature of these pieces of information is the ability to replicate (repetition, copying).But most of the online medium is considered a form of mediavirusnaya meme based on sensationalism and the rapid dissemination of content by Internet capabilities.There are also memes started on the usual custom memogeneratorah.However, it's worth it!

Ways of virus content (memes)
view content method of creating
picture with the inscription specialized Internet resources (memogeneratory)use graphical editors (Corel Draw, Photoshop).
Gif-image (animated) Many popular hosting provides the function "Create Gif".Program for creating and editing Gif (Gif animator).
Video Self shot, video capture using a special software (Ashampoo snap, Movavi).

Consider the data presented in more detail.

  • picture with the inscription. In the correspondence of social network users are increasingly began to appear images and comics are usually humorous character.Despite the presence of such a large number of images on the Web, many people prefer to create "masterpieces" on their own.To do this, usually using special websites on which there are templates for the development of such content.Users just need to go to such a resource (memogenerator) and enter the desired text in certain fields.After that the final image can be downloaded to a computer, or save the data in the cloud.Those who wish to insert your own image, or in any way alter the picture, you will have to use a graphics editor.
  • Gif-image. Too frequent phenomenon in the correspondence, especially in imageboard.Like the video excerpt users tend to capture with the built-in interface broadcasts "Create Gif".If such opportunities are not provided, you should download the video and convert to Gif.For this purpose, special programs or sites for instant video conversion.Keep in mind that the size of Gif-animation is quite large, it is several times the size of the original video.Also on some devices to play files in this format is not provided.
  • Video .Due to the increasing speed of Internet connections in most regions, many prefer to share the pleasant viral videos.Make it easier just using the "Share" built into most of the interfaces video sharing.Self-captured video and pre-pumped in the hosting and only then sent to the user or target audience.

Note that copied information should not wear brightly colored offensive.Most of the "meme stars" usually regrets that they have become famous thanks to a method similar to the dissemination of information.That is why not everyone dares to make a meme with your picture or your own photo and put it on the Web.However, advertisers have taken note of this method of disseminating information, and in daily life can be seen the beginnings of viral marketing.

internet judge mercilessly!

Most memes represent the reaction of the Internet community on one or another phenomenon, a problem.

These pieces of information are spontaneous and time and available on a kind of "the public."In other words, if a person sees another picture or a joke in the comments or pablike favorite, so she once "held court" and became a kind of public domain.

Benefits and harms memes mediavirusnyh

How to make memes useful and safe for the society?In an effort to organize the information boom, many people forget about the moral and ethical component.Some lovers of black humor in his satirical works offend individuals, groups, and often the whole nation.Outbreaks such amoral humor frequently occur, and to find the guilty is difficult because of the anonymity of the web.

In the online environment, memes are just mirrors, reflect the situation in the world.And if moral and ethical attitude of people would be more favorable, this will necessarily be reflected on the Internet, and throughout our lives as a whole!