What killed Gaddafi: everything before that was a mystery

After the fact the US president announced the triumph of democracy and justice.He especially did not hesitate to explaining the world, for which he killed Gaddafi.One of his application for the renewal of American leadership in the world says is enough to cool the other "hot heads".So, in order.

«Democratic" position

their constituents NATO and the US have drawn quite acceptable for the bombing of the picture.By their very one-sided view, in Libya "mature democratic change."The people want a new political dispensation in the country, and the dictator Gaddafi, of course, these processes are slow.His regime has gone up arms against the defenseless people.Just Kill Gaddafi can make a difference.All, like, clear.Only the result was quite different, does not fit the television painted the "truth".The death of Muammar Gaddafi has long established fact.It has become easier if the inhabitants of Libya?Definitely not.Thousands of victims, destroyed cities, grief - this is the result of "peacemaking" Obama.That said voters truth had only hatred for Gaddafi: fierce, huge ... Why?

For what sins killed Gaddafi

In his deathbed message, leader of Libya was talking about how to take care of your people, what are the objectives of the proposed (but not implemented) they reform.Against the backdrop of the bombing and the victims, and even cries of "democratic" media gave this message does not matter.Understand began later.As it turned out, the killing of Gaddafi was ordained him too independent ideas.His sin to America consisted only in the fact that he wanted a decent life for its people.Wise leader was quite clear that his country had just robbed, shamelessly and unscrupulously.He planned to change the situation in favor of the people of Libya.The forces which act as puppeteers to tolerate the protest did not.Killing Gaddafi was predetermined.On the "sins" of his need to tell us more.Gaddafi's death - is not just a figure very strange interpretation of America's democratic principles.Rather, it is the moment when the mask in world politics have been removed.Each player makes public undisguised cynicism, the true causes of their "game".

first sin - economic

Arguing for that killed Gaddafi, can not ignore his ideas for the development of their own country.Libya - mostly desert, but rich in oil.So, there are found the money.Therefore, it's a great market for goods corporations.The past and enjoyed, earning considerable profits.Gaddafi tried to change the situation through the creation of an irrigation system.The water from a huge underground reservoir of natural green the desert was to become a source for the development of agriculture.To attract foreigners to the project, he did not.Those once estimated losses from the reduction of its sales.Conclusion: is it any wonder why kill Gaddafi?Nothing personal, as they say, just business.Losses Corporations do not need.Market share with anyone they do not intend to.For this reason, they are not necessary in other developed economies (backward) countries.

Sin second - raw

Libya - obscenely rich country.This, according to the West, should be tightly controlled.Money can not belong to anyone, except for well-defined personalities, commits the fate of, so to speak.The leader of the country was in a certain moment too intractable.He decided that one third of all oil revenues should remain the country!Not completely as it would be logical to assume, but only a part!But it has turned out to be enough to the country was "resistance" that seeks to overthrow the "bloody regime"!Already it is clear why kill Gaddafi?It encroached on the holy of holies - corporate earnings.On the other hand, it was not necessary to unleash a war.You could just "overcome" field.Unlikely to force his army would be enough to fight the NATO units.Nor would a wise leader to resist, plunging the country into chaos.Why would arrange the slaughter, destroy the state?So, we come to the most interesting.

Sin third - the most unforgivable

In a world ruled by the dollar!This is a truth known to all.If you want - an axiom.Only the mechanisms of its "leadership" not too want to disclose.And the meaning is simple: the dollar reigns as long as a world currency.Yes, since the seventies of the last century in a certain way, he was tied to oil.It is necessary to at least a couple of barrels sold for other signs like the dollar will lose its "crown."His reign will be threatened.It knew Muammar Gaddafi.What killed too self-leader, is understandable, it is necessary only to recall his idea of ​​creating a pan-African currencies, in contrast to the dollar, backed by gold.The idea is quite promising in itself, jeopardize the well-being of those who live by "lending rate".Now the answer to the question "what killed Gaddafi" is clear and simple.He dared to encroach on western systems of the world, the distribution of cash flows.The appearance of the new currency cuts the ground from under the unsecured dollar.How long had he stayed, though different, tied to gold, a stable money supply began to go around the world?No of course.It is for these sins killed Gaddafi.

monstrosity 'democracy »

clear that Gaddafi turned into a" bloody dictator "because it jeopardized the income of Western corporations.Why is it just does not "smoothed out"?Why was it necessary to arrange a real massacre, killing thousands of any innocent people?Normal human logic "animals" who are fighting for their income, can not understand.How could virtually wipe out a normal country ?!It plunged into the horrors of civil war.It's no secret that Libya has not calmed down after the death of their leader.His sons and loyal supporters do not stop fighting, "democratic forces."The country is destroyed.Cities in ruins, killed women and children, suffering and starving population.The economy has ceased to exist.Oil is extracted by corporations, and Libya, there is nothing left from the proceeds.The country only receives humanitarian aid, for which also relies pay.The impoverishment of the people - this is the goal of "democratic change"?

What Obama did not hide

main "looking" for democracy in the world quite clearly decipher what killed Gaddafi.To others it was nepovadno threaten a dollar!The world can not change.Elite will not allow it.The procedure is defined for centuries.All the roles are distributed.Loan interest, in their minds, should lead humanity to the end of its existence.Anyone who is against, turns into a deadly enemy of the "democrats" from the United States.Lesson presented with.The leaders of other countries invited to consider: whether to become patriots or better to continue to "sell" their own country?Obama said very clearly: the United States proved to be a major country in the world.Resistance, they will not be tolerated.Revenge will be cruel.Just death no cost.Dissent from the face of the earth will wear out the country, to destroy nations.The Western version of the structure of the political and economic system does not recognize the self-pity and compassion.The world must remain a unipolar under any circumstances.Money and effort, and most importantly - human lives, to spare no one will.

Lessons Libya

world heard.Dollar for a while left alone.The fate of Muammar Gaddafi repeat nobody wants.While recent events in Ukraine were held on the Libyan scenario.Only the bombing was avoided ... yet.Lessons learned from the Libyan events have benefited the world community.Manuals learned and learned how to react.Well, in the end how much you can "dilute" the population of the same scenario?The world waited.Who was the first to dare to take a step in the direction of the fall of the US?Obama made a mistake.The desire to show what will happen to dissidents only showed renewed planet weaknesses world elites.It's time to use them.But who would dare?

The world is becoming multipolar ... A dream?

Bold found!China was gradually abandon the dollar.While the calculations in yuan are conducted only with Japan, but it is - the first step!Quickly create a "bastion of democracy" in the country with a huge population fails.No suitable soil is too strong domestic political regime.Beijing does not welcome the revolutionaries in their territory.And the West is not looking ingratiatingly.Once.China is working to create much of the world product.On the refusal of the dollar in the calculations began to declare other countries.So, UK ventured to translate some of the ideas of Gaddafi.They began to trade with Japan in national currencies.Do not have time "looking" direct orders.Too difficult to keep a tight rein on the international community, when your weak spot is no longer secret.

Russia's response to the killing of Gaddafi

Libya, Syria, Ukraine ... Too transparently and openly began to act "democratizer."He feels that the domination of escapes from his clutches.Even in Syria, it became clear that the international community will no longer tolerate according to the lies and violence.Tales of the bloodiest regimes no one on faith does not accept.And terrorism, artificially created and maintained for the purpose of intimidating the public, no longer acts on the minds.Apparent steel and underlying objectives and methods of achieving them.The effect of the killing of Gaddafi was just the opposite intended.This was particularly evident on the events in Ukraine."His not throw" - that Russia's response to the "democratic" revolution in the neighboring country.The world will never be unipolar.The bloody terror must sink into oblivion.It should - be applied to the "nuclear shield."It is time to stop the "beholder", which heats the country in blood for the sake of profit.All peoples have the right to their own view of things.We are different.And that's the beauty of the world.Life Muammar Gaddafi has shown that patriotism and love for the country have the right to exist.His death - the way in which you have to go to the harmonious development of nations.