How to open a RAR file on Windows 7 and which applications this will help

Today we talk about how to open the RAR file on Windows 7. It should be noted that most of the programs that can help with this, are able to work on other versions of the operating system "Microsoft".


Before proceeding to the immediate solution of the problem of how to open the RAR file on Windows 7, it should be said that is a given format.Its name is an acronym for Eugene Roshal - the name of the developer.This man has created this type of archives.RAR provides a high compression ratio, allows you to set a password on packed data and split large materials into small pieces of fixed size.There is a separate category of programs which do not have their own interface, while integrating its function in the menu of Windows.Next, we describe a number of programs that support work with the file type of interest to us.


One of the most functional archive.If you are wondering about how to open the RAR file on Windows 7, use this app, because it offers the convenience and ease of use.The program is built on the menu and has extensive settings.Unpacking possible without login to the application.Remove the materials you can in the current directory or folder of the same name.

Universal Extractor

If you want to solve the question of how to open a file ZIP, RAR or other archives, this program will help you.The application is currently in development, however, quickly proved his ability to be very useful.This solution can be used as the core, and on a supplement to more conventional tools.

Other applications

Next we will look at several programs, with which you can figure out how to open the RAR file or ZIP.The first of these is called ExtractNow.The application only unpacks archives.You can simultaneously work with multiple files.The program interface is simple and intuitive.The app has a detailed register of all recovery processes.Implemented search engine.

If you face the question of how to open the RAR file on Windows 7, contact the program PeaZip.You can extract, edit, save and restore the files.Also available backup and archiving acceleration.You will receive a full report on the program after each operation.The interface can be changed at will, transparency is available.PeaZip can work portable.In the Windows version the tool options are integrated directly into the Explorer.Available work at the command line.

Another program that supports the RAR format archives and other standards called J7Z.This simple and powerful application for OS Windows.You can quickly update the existing archive.Available backup.It works with encrypted materials.Special profiles to help improve the efficiency of working with archives.

also help us in the task application called PowerArchiver.It is a powerful archiver which was built in browser.The application has hundreds of functions, while he was able to maintain the speed, ease of use and minimal size.The interface is simple and intuitive.There is a tutorial.The application has a built-in tool for viewing text and graphics files.You can change the appearance of the program by using special supplements.You can move files back and forth from the application using the mouse pointer.Available version of the classic and the conductor view the contents of the archive.Tools application integrated into Microsoft Windows, providing quick access to key features.Files can be converted from one format to another.Damaged ZIP-application materials try to recover.Supports work with several archives.

latter program, which we are examining today, provides us with the necessary job format called RarZilla Free Unrar.A simple application to unpack archives.The program is integrated into the menu system.Just a few mouse clicks you will be able to extract all the files from the archive.The path to store the materials obtained and password are specified in the settings.Now you know, you open the ZIP and RAR, as well as other files in the operating system Windows.