Why can not flush condoms down the toilet?

in intimate relationships security is very important, because the rash acts can lead to disastrous consequences.Beginners are concerned that they do not know how to use condoms, and are afraid to get into an awkward situation, which will cause the girl laugh.But with the right to use them, you can not worry about diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, and that will come an unplanned pregnancy.

How to use protection?

condom to be effective as a contraceptive, it must be applied correctly.Open the package is more convenient for a toothed edge, it is specifically designed for this purpose.During passion wants to make this manipulation as soon as possible, but do not lose your head.Do not use scissors or other sharp objects to shred and foil, as this may damage the condom itself.Also you need to know why condoms should be disposed of in the toilet, and what to do next.

next step - to determine how to roll a condom.If it happens in the dark, it can be done by touch.For this purpose you need to hold a rolled ring in his hand and gently expand remedy fingers.If this is not obtained, then the direction is wrong.Do not unroll the condom is much as it will be more difficult to put on, besides its effectiveness may be reduced.When the direction is correct, you need to roll back the means of contraception.

Regulation spermosbornika

learning how to use a condom, you need to follow closely the situation spermosbornika.It should be turned outwards, but sometimes when packing it into the fold.Unfold the condom should be in the opposite direction spermosborniku.

Do I need to apply grease?

It depends on the preferences of men, but if the penis is uncircumcised, you can add a small amount of water-based lubricants.Since the condom is the best fit.But you should check that there is a place for sperm.It is important to know why you can not flush condoms down the toilet, so the guy will not look foolish.

need to put on a condom only when the penis is in an excited state.Care should be taken so that no stretched or, conversely, sagging areas.In this case, the remedy can easily come off or be damaged during intercourse.

If the erection is not yet complete, it is necessary to postpone the condom smermosbornikom up, so you do not get confused as to put it on.

How to wear a condom?

It is important to clamp spermosbornik to release the air.This will reduce the risk of damage and make room for the sperm.Then use the product will be carefully removed and discarded, knowing why you can not flush condoms down the toilet.

condom should unroll along the penis.If the direction has been chosen incorrectly, remove and start over.In the case where the outer side was pre-ejaculate, product can not be used.This liquid may contain sperm and the probability of contracting an STD.

method of putting on a condom depends on whether the penis is circumcised or not.In the first case it is necessary to clamp spermosbornik and put contraception on the penis.With the other hand you need to move the pubic hair, if necessary, and carefully unroll the condom, not forgetting to ensure that bubbles do not form.Then it is necessary to remove and remembering why you can not flush condoms down the toilet, roll up into a tissue and throw it in the trash.

If an uncircumcised penis, you need to pinch spermosbornik and put a condom on a penis.The other hand is necessary to push the hair, roll out the product and to remove the foreskin.Releasing spermosbornik should undertake rolled ring and roll it along.Hold the bottom of the condom at the base, a second hand is necessary to push the foreskin in the middle of the product.When there are bubbles, they must be removed.

If a condom breaks during intercourse, you need to discuss with your partner the opportunity to use emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy.It is also worth remembering that if you change the form of sex, the condom must be changed.

Immediately after ejaculation remedy must be removed.The next question that bothers beginners - is what to do with used condoms.First of all, the product should tie a knot that does not leak seminal fluid.Then it needs to be wrapped in toilet paper or a napkin and throw it in the trash.

Helpful hints

Store condoms in a cool place is necessary, and humidity can damage them.Before use, be sure to check the expiration date.

many guys wonder why you can not flush condoms down the toilet.This is because they can clog the drain.Plumber, who will have to extract this trophy is unlikely to please the discovery and owner of the product will feel terrible embarrassment.


can not use contraception several times, even if there is no liquid in it is not.Condom - disposable products.If the packaging has been damaged, it is not necessary to use a tool.

In no case can not be used to oil-based lubricants.They soften the latex and destroy it.Fans of non-standard condoms to avoid unpleasant consequences, should consult a doctor and find out how to use them properly, and to think what to do with a used condom after sex.