Environmental Police: protecting the air, land and water

Currently, very acute problem of trafficking in exotic animals on the black market.The desire to become a master of iguanas, lemurs, Pallas cat or possum sugar can bring a lot of problems to the buyer.Typically, sellers are not fully aware of all the features of the development and life of the beautiful and rare young one.Therefore, even a slight change in feeding can detrimental impact on the health of the animal.From the wrong climate, lack of body of water, wood or other prerequisite exotic pet can die.And if it is for the host may not be a big problem for the nature of the death of even one representative of a rare species is a disaster, leading to the extinction of the entire group.It is with the aim of preventing and eradicating the illicit trade in rare animals and created an environmental police.Of course, its objectives are not limited to minimizing the criminal business.This unit deals with other issues, one way or another connected with the environment.

first appearance

In the early 90-ies of XX century in what is now the CIS in many cities there were units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who helped the people to solve problems with illegal dumps, polluted rivers and ponds, felling of trees and other similar issues.These associations were called the environmental police.They were created as an experiment, and after a certain time dissolved.Their work has been suspended due to ongoing political developments in the country.


Environmental Police is a special group of people working under the wing of the Ministry of Interior and occupied the protection and preservation of the biosphere.The work of this unit has been associated with the prevention of environmental degradation and its restoration.It fought against the illegal actions of people over animals, from the landfill, emissions of waste and pollutants, and so on. D. The efficiency of the service was quite large.Even the popularization of the work of environmental officers could not resist the ruin of the country, and it was dissolved.

Second Life

However, in 2001 in the capital were re-formed such groups.Modern environmental police in Moscow is an experimental unit that builds its activities in accordance with the Order № 767 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, signed on 27 August 2001 "On the experiment in the Moscow Police."The second document, legalizing body of work is Decree number 849-PP, approved September 18, 2001 - "On the Office of the fight against crimes in the field of environmental protection GUVD of Moscow."In accordance with these orders of capital division performs the following tasks:

  1. finding, suppression and subsequent prevention of offenses carried out in the field of environment.
  2. establishment of the perpetrators of crimes and their punishments imputation.
  3. Monitoring the ecological situation in the capital.
  4. Creating a strong professional relationships with similar units and similar structures in other cities and regions, which also include environmental police of the Moscow region, fishing control, epidemiological stations, and so on. D.

Keeping biosphere

Followingthe capital of many major cities have also become embedded in the structure of the Ministry of Interior units radeyuschie for the purity of nature.To date, voluntary groups were created, who are fighting for the preservation of the environment.This kind of environmental police have in Murmansk, Ulan-Ude, Krasnoyarsk, Novokuznetsk, Novosibirsk, and so on. D. There is an urgent issue that the the territory of all the major regional centers and regional cities to recreate similar units of the MVD.Environmental Police - units that are able to help the environmentalists in the fight for the restoration and protection of nature from the negative effects of human activity.Landfills that are often found in the streets dead ends, a large number of stray animals, waste discharges into water bodies, old cars, pollute the air, and many other problems can be solved this way.