Synesthesia - it is for the phenomenon in psychology?

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has long past the time when a certain individual originality summoned the negative attitude of society.Today somewhat changed the opinion of the masses.For example, left-handed retrain no longer write with his right hand, although 50 years ago, this trend is considered normal.Experts seriously began to study these particular patients, whereas the latter understood that their deviations can easily benefit.

What is meant by the term "synaesthesia"?This, according to conventional wisdom, a unique syndrome, which consists in the fact that one particular stimulus is able to simultaneously lead in several senses (for example, color ear).Has such personality traits may be associated with a particular tune the images, adjusting color in your mind to the sounds.Most often it is the composer.

phenomenon and its concept

According to Greek Dictionary, "synaesthesia" - a mixed perception.Antonyms can be considered sufficiently familiar word - "anesthesia" (lack of sensation).Synesthesia - the process of perception, in which some sensitive organ is irritated.Thus there is a certain perception related to other senses.Simply put, according to a variety of associations that may be synthesized and mixed.Prone to this phenomenon of people can not only hear the sound, but also to contemplate them.

Synesthesia is the opposite of anesthesia (senseless).People suffering from these syndromes latter can not exhibit these abilities.We all know that in the life of man is capable of analyzing the use of the five organs responsible for related sensations:

  • hearing;
  • visual;
  • taste;
  • tactile;
  • olfactory.

Psychologists believe that such a "skill" refers to the disruption of the cerebral hemispheres.And therefore sinestetiki have excellent motor skills as the right hand and left.They are, in its own way, is universal.

phenomenon of synaesthesia and its variety

This concept came into use only recently, whereas in medical practice, it has been known since ancient times.So, even primitive people, performing ritual dances, did not share the colors and sounds.At the end of the nineteenth century described "deviation" became especially popular in the field of culture.

Gifted people are willing combined colors and sounds, combined taste and visual sensations.However, a similar phenomenon is actively used not only by the priests of art in the special honor was synesthesia and doctors.Modern medicine has begun to share this concept on several varieties.The main types of synesthesia:

  1. Colour hearing. This manifestation of the psyche often seen in musicians or composers.They are easily given a "painting" of sounds in certain colors.
  2. Synesthesia auditory. People in this category may be sound in the moment of contemplation of any object.
  3. gustatory synesthesia. This manifestation of the phenomenon allows oldtimers feel through hearing or vision taste qualities of the object.For example, such ability may manifest itself when listening to music.
  4. associates, as well as projecting synesthesia. first talks about the impressions left their imprint on the human subconscious.For many individuals, by the way, the cold water will necessarily be associated with blue.The second works on a different principle.Such people are unable to associate sensory perception emerging subjects.That is the cold water they can resemble anything.

study of the psychology of the concept of synesthesia

aforementioned phenomenon in medicine defines such people, who are able to clearly link the objects or images via several senses.These individuals may not necessarily relate talented musicians or artists.However, it found only the only ones endowed with an amazing memory.Synesthesia in psychology has always been a lot of questions and guesswork.Therefore, the assertion of the unique memory has become a kind of postulate after checking guesses based on experiments.

subjects at the time was a woman who presented the next job.She showed matrix formulation comprising 50 digits.Within a few seconds, she copied on a piece of paper all the characters you see it earlier.Two days later the test was duplicated.The result was confirmed.Psychologists say that such an amount of information a woman allowed to remember the association arising at the time of the demonstration she dies.Incidentally, the abstract as time is directly related to this phenomenon.

Psychiatry and Psychiatrists synesthesia

similar concept was known before last century.At that time we were actively studied by many composers, writers, poets and artists.Thus any mental abnormalities in humans have been identified.The possibility of mental illness also appeared in their usual level.This fully proves that the feelings synesthesia is not a disease.

Known only ones

A good example of this phenomenon is the heredity direct descendant of Vladimir Nabokov - his son named Dmitry.Along with his mother and father, he inherited such a gift.It should be noted that this is not an isolated case, when the developing synesthesia.Examples amazing people can be easily found among celebrities.

among oldtimers also agreed there are a large number of writers mention this amazing phenomenon in his works - Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Verlaine.They can also be attributed, and Balmont, Tsvetaeva, Pasternak, and so on. D. Synesthesia, examples of which can be listed endlessly manifest Scriabin and Rimsky-Korsakov, and the singer from Norway Ida Maria.Although this phenomenon has been observed and Daniel Tammet, who was famous for his ability to fast counting huge numbers.This man also owns 11 languages.The phenomenon of synesthesia seen and Solomon Shereshevsky, who is a journalist.

Interaction sensations

Human perception may undergo some changes.They occur as a result of changes in individual body or under the influence of the external environment.The interaction of sensations can be seen as a weak stimuli increase the sensitivity of the analyzers.While strong, in contrast, is reduced.One of the main types of interaction sensations are sensitization, synesthesia.

Consider what is in these terms.Sensitization - sensitivity training process as a result of the simultaneous operation of stabilizers in conjunction with regular exercise.This reaction can cause the body not only through the use of extraneous stimuli, but also through special training.Thus, the increase in sensitivity - is sensitization.Synesthesia - a simultaneous, joint sensation.

How to develop self-

phenomenon is well known, sinestetikam manage better penetrate the mysteries of the surrounding space, deeply feel, feel the extent of which are not able to make ordinary people.This phenomenon makes it possible to meet the challenges of the creative plan, to develop their talents and improve it.

If a person is able to pick up a child extra quality of nearby objects not related to the association at the subconscious level, it means that there is a high probability that he has this phenomenon.

It is known that synaesthesia psychology is studied in detail.Numerous studies have come to a surprising discovery.It turns out, according to experts, such a quality can not only inherit but also to develop their own.To do this, even developed special training through which a person can learn to get information from other sensory organs, causing a specified phenomenon.Perform these exercises alone will not pose any difficulty.

easiest way of synesthesia

In this case, you simply need to call the association, not belonging to the object under study.For example, "Give," a melody or texture of brilliance.Try to go beyond the usual sense, connect additional emotions, not peculiar to the selected object.This way you will begin to develop synesthesia perceptions.Music should be filled with the taste, sound - color and so on.It should be noted that the development of such a phenomenon even then the person may encounter on the big ideas and thoughts.

Compare associations

second exercise will cause the brain to work fairly.After all, there will have to think in a non-standard format.It is necessary to introduce the successful people - composers, artists or musicians in a different sphere.Think what would have been able to write music Pushkin what pictures might surprise Mozart Society and so on. D. This exercise promotes uncharacteristic associations to the brain.


breathing practices - another excellent method of developing a synesthesia.Excellent will work and exercises for the eyes.Remember that the authorities can give more information about the subject, if their work takes place at an optimal level.

Empowerment odors images

To learn how to visually represent the odor, you need to start training with a strong enough stimulus.Closing his eyes, turns to start sniffing orange or clove, tobacco or bread, paint or lavender.Strong-smelling items are perfect for the development of the phenomenon.Allot "experimental" tactile objects or visual characteristics.

Feeling Tactile

For training of tactile sensations must gather a few items to be differentiated.Osyazaya try to cause them unusual association.Coaching specified quality will also help to develop the taste of emotions by reading books culinary or wine.In them the most clearly articulated ideas that may affect the expression of the desired quality.


Synesthesia - is not just worsening perception.This phenomenon can be considered a different outlook on the world.Today more and more people are finding themselves in this gift.The culprit seems to genetics.Perhaps this is a kind of transition to a new level of human development.To understand whether there is a quality you have, you try to call him.Perhaps you are a person who in the sounds, smells and colors may find something more than the standard set of qualities.