Silk tenderness of Sack's

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Flowing easy, pleasant touch of the body - are able to give the feeling of silk outfit.Natural silk is the soft tissue obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm.There are several legends that tell of the birth of shelkopryadstva in ancient times.Whatever it was, today the ladies all over the world wear silk clothes, which are in the collections of European brand Sack's.

was born in Israel in 1983, the fashion brand specializing in the production of clothing made from natural fabrics of the highest quality.Leading among them are silk and reyon known as viscose silk.

Silk not only models from the collection of Sack's summer 2013 - is a wide range of tops, blouses, dresses, jackets and trousers.The color scale ranges from blue-green palette to pink-red spectrum.Figures vary, depending on your mood: minimalism, romantic, polusportivny style, bohemian chic, ethnic.

But dwell on fabrics that make each collection Sack's unique.This summer, the center of attention - his Majesty silk, which is combined with other natural fabrics.

fine and silky material in the collections of Sack's is a combination of natural silk and Tencel.Tenselnoe fiber obtained from eucalyptus wood.It is environmentally friendly and anti-allergic.Incidentally, in combination with the effect Tencel twill fabric mat.

Some blouses and dresses Sack's are made from natural silk satin.It is very thin, but durable and practical material.Another duo of cloth Sack's - is rayon and silk crepe.This fabric is more density and outfits from her very comfortable to wear.

The collections Sack's is not only a smooth, silky fabric.The combination of silk with rayon and silk to create a feeling of modal rough texture.Dresses made of such materials are as easy and gentle.Fashion, like Tencel, produced from eucalyptus fibers, and it is superior in strength cotton almost half.

No less durable cchitaetsya ramie obtained from nettle.Because it is made, for example, snow-white feminine blouse Sack's.

Meet the models from the summer collection of the brand Sack's, learn about the composition of tissues and the cost of things on our website's boutiques are located in the shopping center "Crocus City Mall" and TC "Afimall."Buyers are waiting for nice discount for the summer collection and the remnants of last season's models.

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