Female and male Bull Bull: compatibility in love, marriage and sex

female and male Bull Bull ... compatibility of these two men is quite favorable, because they really are like-minded and kindred spirits.Both in the shower - the Conservatives do not like innovations and experiments.Of them were strong traditional family.Consider the love compatibility born in the Year of the Ox people in more detail.Describe the nature of their relationship at every stage of communication.

female and male Bull Bull: Compatibility feelings

Gathering these people through common interests and similar characters.We can not say that their relationship is built on passion, however, as the wrong is that their feelings have no romance.Man-Bull, a woman who has given birth in the same year - quite a sentimental person.In a relationship with each other, they get everything they want.They are comfortable together, they feel a mutual need for each other and at the same time feel the reliability lover.Of course, their relationship is not deprived of common calculation.This is reflected in the fact that the Bulls carefully weigh each decision taken by them in life.So, if these people are still together, so it's a long time since such partners are not sprayed on trifles.

female and male Bull Bull: Compatibility married

This alliance is a classic family.Loyalty, reliability and stability - these are the qualities of people born in the Year of the Ox.Compatibility of such people is ideal.In order for such partners quarrel or divorce, you need to happen something like the end of the world or the emergence of life on Saturn.Although now nobody will be surprised by anything, but such unions continue to amaze their longevity.Treason in such pairs are unacceptable.And, indeed, the Bulls themselves - not the people who are eager to go "left."They usually make their choice once and for all.If, however, unfortunately, they split a pair, the Bulls have never come together again.The only source of conflict in this tandem is the stubbornness of both characters.And because the Bulls are very heavy to lift, they can not talk to the principle of months.They need to learn to be easier to forgive each other.

female and male Bull Bull: compatibility in sex

in intimate terms such partners well suited to each other, because they have the same sexual potential and similar erotic desire.They are conservative in all areas of life, including the sensual.Therefore, both are not willing to participate in the experiment and prefer the familiar traditional lovemaking.It remains to wish them all the same to diversify your sex life.After all, sometimes the habits begin to annoy.So the Bulls might prefer rather give up sex altogether, than to engage them on a schedule.Among the main drawbacks of such a union is that the partners do not give each other a stimulus to development, to change, but prefer to leave things as they are, therefore, cease to grow.If they remain committed to the traditional view of life, it is desirable that they did not do it to the detriment of themselves.