Why say wishes for the night to his girlfriend?

When a guy really loves the girl, he wants to surround her with care, affection and attention.He uses every opportunity to express her feelings, give affection and show how it was dear to him.Especially touching when a man says requests for the night to his girlfriend.It can be said directly in bed when a couple spends the night together, and can be announced by phone, sent by Skype or send a message to e-mail or on a smartphone.No matter what method is passed wish the main thing - it is a sign of attention and express their sincere feelings through words.Therefore, they should be as gentle, affectionate and reflects the attitude of a man to his beloved.Short and dry "good night" can be turned into a poem or a whole mini-story with words of love, compliments to the girl's wishes and pleasant dreams.

Sleep, my darling, sleep

Wishing goodnight accepted without exception, not only for its mate.This is done by parents, children, grandparents, sisters, brothers, friends of each other, colleagues, if the conversation lasted until late at night.Wishes for the night his girlfriend are special, because they reflect the tenderness and care of the beloved.This is probably one of the most touching expressions of love of man to woman.This action itself is ignored, the wishes of the night the beloved - this is another opportunity to hear her voice, to express their affection and sincerity of feelings.While the tradition of good wishes for the night is not only a milestone etiquette (such as, for example, wish to enjoy your meal or a good morning), and it contains very practical significance.Talking to someone "good night", "Sweet Dreams", "good night," people automatically utter these words without thinking about their meaning.However, they are intended to ensure that people had really calm, without nightmares, insomnia and awakenings night in the arms of sweet dreams.In the morning he would get up joyful, relaxed, cheerful, energetic and full of energy.That's what a good night wish.After all, everyone knows how it feels to a man if he did not sleep.In this respect the wishes of the night the beloved is no different.

wishes goodnight beloved

So what can you tell bedtime favorite, what words to choose, so she spent really calm, quiet night?That she dreamed sweet dreams in which she sees herself with her lover?You can think of many such requests, and every day, or rather night, saying the new.This will show her that her partner appreciates and values ​​the beloved, that he cares for her and wants her to constantly surprise.However, this impulse is usually in couples who do not live together or have only recently agreed.Life, as a rule, quickly eating up all the romance, but rather poetic and imbued with tenderness wish for the night is only a short "good night", and it is for many uncommon.Therefore, it is necessary to take care of each other, and even after 20 years of talking to his woman the same words as in the time of youth.And what you need to say a wish?Easy.Nights favorite then will be as peaceful and relaxing, because it will know that their guards a reliable, loving and strong man.