30 laws of fate


all begins with emptiness.The void must always be filled.

2. LAW Barriers

opportunities are not given for the future.It must be decided to cross the barrier as a conventional obstacle.Opportunities are given after an internal solution.Cherished desires are given to us with the strength to implement them.

3. LAW

neutral position to change to stop, and then change direction.


have to pay for everything: for the actions and omissions.What is more expensive?Sometimes the answer is clear only at the end of life on the dying bed - more expensive cost of inaction.Avoiding failure does not make a person happy."In my life there were many failures, most of which never happened" - the words of the old man's sons before his death.

5. law of similars

like attracts like.In our life there is no random encounters.We attract to themselves than those people who want to attract, and those who are like us.

6. Laws of Thought

inner world of human thought is embodied in the external world of things.We must not look for the causes of misery in the outside world, and to turn its gaze inward.Our appearance is realized by peaceful world of our inner thoughts.


When a man wants something, but it is unattainable, it is necessary to come up with another interest, is equal in strength to the first.

8. Law of Attraction

man attracts what he loves, fears or permanently expects thatall that is in its central focus consciousness.Life gives us what we expect to get from it, not what we want."What counts, and what will gain."

9. legitimate requests

If nothing from life do not ask, you do not get.If we ask that fate is unclear, what you get is not known that.Our request draws the proper reality.

10. lawful restrictions №1

Total can not provide.Everyone sees and hears only what he understands why he can not take into account all the circumstances.It all depends on our internal barriers of our own limitations.There are events taking place against our will, they can not be expected, and we accept no responsibility for them.For all his desire a person can not control all the events of his life.


In life, there is no absolute buzz, it is limited to our limited perception of the world and is based in bankruptcy all have ultra short amount of time in a confined space of our perception.

12. lawful restrictions №2

One can not have everything.He often something missing in my life.The secret of happiness is not indulging their whims and desires, and the ability to be content with what you have.Content with little hard, but the hardest to settle for many.You can lose a fortune in search of wealth, and it means - to lose everything.You can gain the whole world and lose his soul.


Do you want to change in your life - take control over the circumstances of their hands.You can not change your life, without changing anything in it, and do not change yourself.Because of its passive person often missing a real chance given destiny.Who puts the priorities in your life - you or someone else?Maybe she puts their life, and you float down the river?Become the master of his destiny.If you will not go, then nowhere not arrive.

14. LAW OF

life makes a person to solve exactly the problem, the solution of which he refuses to deal with fear, the solution of which escapes.But these tasks will still have to decide on the other, is already at a new stage of his life.And the intensity of emotions, feelings will be more powerful, and price decisions - above.From what we run, and to come.


If you are not the driver, if you carry, the farther you carry, the more it will be more expensive for you.If you did not order the route, it can be anywhere.The further you go down the wrong path, the harder you will be back.

16. legitimate elections

Our life consists of many elections.You always have a choice.Our choice may lie in the fact that we do not make a choice.The world is full of possibilities.However, the acquisition does not happen without losses.Taking one thing, thus we refuse something else.Stepping into one door, we miss the other.Each must decide what is important.Because of losses, too, can get the purchase.

17. LAW half way

In a relationship with another person is your area - halfway.You can not completely control the behavior of another person, passing him the way of convergence ...

18. LAW build a new

order to build something new, you need to:

a) destroy the old, if the need to clear the space set aside timeto mobilize forces for the construction of the new;

b) to know what you want to build.It is not necessary to tear down, not knowing the ways of creativity.You have to know where you're going.If you do not know where you're going, you do not come back."Who will not swim - for those there is no tailwind" / M.Montaigne /

19. law of equilibrium

How would any man want to change your life, way of thinking, stereotypes, his behavior will try to keep it in the old, familiar to his life.But if man is able to change something in your life, you have new, changed life will be subject to the laws of equilibrium.The changes usually occur slowly and painfully because of the inertia in thinking and behavior, its internal resistance and reactions of other people.

20. The Law of Opposites

Our life is unthinkable without opposites, it contains birth and death, love and hate, friendship and rivalry, meeting and parting, joy and suffering, loss and gain.Man, too, is controversial: it is, on the one hand, seeks to ensure that his life was stable, but at the same time a certain dissatisfaction drives him forward.In the world of opposites man seeks to find the lost unity with oneself, with others and with life itself.Everything has a beginning and an end, it is the earth's cycle, and the cycle of life.Things reached its limit, turns into its opposite.The pair maintains the balance of opposites, and the transition from one extreme to the other creates a diversity of life.Sometimes, in order to understand anything, you need to see to know the opposite of that.One contrast can not exist without the other - so that was the day, we need overnight.


.Man looking for harmony in everything: in himself, in the world.To achieve harmony with the world can be just being in tune with yourself.Good attitude to yourself, self-acceptance - the key to harmony with the world, people and his own soul.Harmony does not mean the absence of difficulties and conflicts, which can be an incentive for personal growth.Harmony between mind, feelings and actions - maybe this is happiness?


world is not created just for fun.He does not always correspond to our ideas about it, and our desires.Anyone who is not able to do a good deed itself, does not appreciate kindness from others.For those who can not see the evil, evil does not exist.


That annoying person to others, there is in him.What man does not want to hear from other people is that it is most important to hear at this stage of life.Another person can serve as a mirror for us, helping us to discover what we do not see, we do not know a.If a person is what irritates him in other, correct themselves, to what fate will send him a mirror.Avoiding all that hate us, avoiding people who cause us negative feelings, we are depriving themselves of the opportunity to change their lives, depriving themselves of the opportunity of internal growth.


We need people, events, sources of knowledge that can give us what we want, but we have only a small amount.We try to experience something of the potential of other people.We have to finish building itself outward.Our desire to have someone or something - this denial, the denial of self-esteem, lack of confidence in what we do have.


If you let your negative feelings run wild, that one unpleasant experience of reach for others.If you live, indulging in dreams and dreams, the reality forced out the illusory world of fantasy.A person can be difficult to stop the flow of its negative and unproductive thoughts, becausehe had the habit of worry, worry, suffering, dreaming, ie,away from reality, from the active problem solving.What can give more energy, and that there will be more.The idea that you give your time, acts as a magnet, attracting similar.On the one disturbing thought to cope more easily than with a swarm of obsessive thoughts.In the course of our dialogue with other people, we tend to adopt them through the emotional mood of the infection.


What inhibits a person in your thoughts or actions, what he denies in himself, in the most inopportune moment capable erupt outside.It is necessary to take their thoughts and feelings, and not to suppress and not to accumulate them in yourself.Accept yourself, take what you do not like in yourself, do not criticize yourself.The adoption of the recognition is rejected and denied in itself contributes to the growth of the internal man.This allows him to live a full life.We strive to find the lost unity.


life itself neither bad nor good.Good or bad it does our perception.Life is what it is.We need to take a life, enjoy life, appreciate life.Trust in life, trust the power of your mind and their heart."Everything will be as it should be, even if in a different way."

28. LAW VALUATION your personality

surrounding almost always appreciate the person as he evaluates himself.We need to accept and value themselves, not to create idols, or unattainable, ideal image of themselves.Do not take the opinions of others about you the truth, without exposing it to criticism.Trying to earn the love of all the people (which is impossible), you neglect your own needs, you can lose yourself, you lose your self-respect.You can not be in all the perfect man.You are worth exactly as much how much themselves assess what your self-worth.However, the share of realism never hurts.


The more advanced the person in knowing ourselves and the world, the more he can take on the world and give it.We must be able to establish an adequate, fair exchange with destiny.If you give more than take, it will lead to your energy depletion.If you give someone more than it receives from it, you may have a grudge against the man.The world exists in order that they could share with one another.

30. LAW meaning of life

We come out of the void, trying to find the meaning of life, and again go into the void.At each person the meaning of life, which vary at different stages of life.What is the meaning of life - to seek something or just to live?After all, trying to anything, we have to release the sight of life itself, thusfor the result we lose the process.Perhaps the most important meaning of life - life itself.It should be included in the life, accepting it, then be able to experience life in its diversity, and then she will paint those colors being of man, which owns itself.The meaning of life a person can find just outside of ourselves in the world.Breath man can be as simple as possible from it to put the symphony, enjoying being the mind ...

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