Indicators of labor productivity: efficiency, development and labor

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In general terms, under the labor productivity meant that characterize the performance of work out of each unit of labor resources involved.The results of work are as follows: value added services, products, service, delivery, cost, quality, quantity.

resources acts as capital, labor, equipment, materials, land, energy, information technology.

Productivity: performance

To understand the essence of the performance are two aspects.It is labor productivity, defined by the ratio of manufactured goods and the cost of labor resources required for this purpose.

second aspect performs work efficiency.This relationship is the result of economic activity and costs related to the use and the involvement of the labor force, or - a measure of the volume of services performed or goods manufactured per unit of labor input.

There are indicators such as productivity across the industry, region, company, productivity in the enterprise and the individual employee individually.

in each organization its performance, which can increase or decrease depending on various factors.

An increase in the share of costs in the goods is reduced, and the amount of labor costs of the previous period is increased, however, as a whole the figure enclosed in each unit of the goods is reduced.

indicators of productivity depend on the intensity, the influence of the value of the extensiveness of work, as well as technical and technological state of production.

Extensive measures of productivity reflect the extent of the use of working time, as well as its duration in change at a constant value of other parameters.With effective use of working time there is less downtime, time spent out of production, with a longer duration than a work shift, the higher is productivity.

Such indicators of labor productivity, the intensity, indicate the degree of intensity of work per unit of time.They measured the amount of energy expended man for some time.At higher intensity increases and productivity.The maximum value of this indicator depends on the mental and physiological features of the human body.

Performance has sources that there is no limit.It is a scientific and technological progress, technological and technical improvement of production, the emergence of new forms of energy and materials.

There are also indicators of labor productivity as labor and production.Last calculated the ratio of the number of outstanding services and goods to the time spent on it.The complexity indicates how much time is spent on the issue of a unit of production.Between these figures, there is an inverse relationship.

Increased productivity results in an increase in product which is produced per unit of time, while maintaining its quality.Also, there is an increase product quality, reduced labor costs for production, increase profit margins, declining circulation period and the production of goods.

These types of displays increase productivity can exist in various combinations.And in combination with other types or individually confirms the high value of the performance of the enterprise for the economy and for society as a whole.