What is the role of fertilizer for strawberries in the fall?

Strawberry is one of the favorite fruits and children, and adults.Naturally, to get good crops of this plant should be cared for almost year round.First of all, you need to ensure comfort and proper composition of the soil for its growth and development.In this process, an important role is played by the appropriate fertilizer.For strawberries in the fall is better to have nothing.

Fertilizers - organic or mineral?

quality, environmentally friendly organic fertilization, according to many gardeners, it is better than the mineral.And rightly so, but only if their proper use.For example, the manure - it is a great autumn fertilizer for strawberries.In the fresh form the substance contains a significant amount of nitrogen contributes to the improvement of soil structure, but it is not rich in phosphorus, potassium and trace elements.Fresh manure can not make directly a plant, since it, firstly, contains seeds of weeds, and, secondly, it may burn the roots.In this regard, the manure is brought in an amount of about 400 kg per one hundred square meters digging every 2.5-3 years, because its effect lasts up to 4 years.Better yet, use as a fertilizer for strawberries autumn humus (decomposed manure).This is an excellent dressing, safe and already cleared of weed seeds.The humus formed fungi and bacteria that convert nutrients into forms available to plants.

How to calculate the dose of fertilizer to strawberry fall?

Packages complex fertilizers are usually specified norms of their application to the specific culture.In late summer, it is necessary, of course, to acquire the means to feed with the word "autumn", since it does not contain nitrogen.If on simple potash and phosphate fertilizers, there is no information on dosage, then you should remember the following formula: simple superphosphate powder is introduced in the fall or spring to the wells (2-3 g) and in the aisle (about 150 g for every 10 linear meters).The rate of double granulated superphosphate should be reduced by half.Potash salt and potassium chloride due to the high content of chlorine is necessary to introduce into the ground in the fall: chlorine, harmful to plants, rain washed away, and a useful potassium in the soil remains.The average rate is between 10 and 20 grams per square meter.m.

Planting strawberries in the fall.Fertilizer

autumn planting of strawberries has several advantages and the most important of them - this is an opportunity in the first year to get a good harvest.This plant can not be considered too demanding to the soil, but experienced gardeners never sidestep the question of the mechanical composition of the soil.If the soil is heavy clay and then to improve its aeration, as well as fertilizers for strawberries fall recommended to make fresh manure, humus and peat (10 liters per 1 square meter).The soil for planting should be good, but not overly hydrated, strawberries do not start to rot.Avoid excessive wetting of land will help regular tilling and mulching using straw, pine needles or sloping green manure.However, in late fall mulching material other than needles, to be removed.Needles can safely leave in the winter, and even the plants completely cover it because it retains heat well and at the same time breathable.