Do you know how to handle the fall of Victoria?

after fruiting berry crops need care, Victoria - is no exception.How to handle Victoria in the fall?What measures should be taken to ensure that the yield in the next year?Let's face it.

After harvesting

That last gathered berries.Now you need to remove weeds and loosen the ground near the bushes.Loosen the soil obkladyvayut mullein or horse manure for fertilizer.The first mustache, did not adherent, is placed over the manure.The rest - do not touch, so as adults mustache can take root if the cork to grow roots.If they do not take root before winter, in the spring they should be removed.

Summer People ask, "How to handle Victoria in the fall?" It is necessary to clean the passages between the beds of weeds.On track to fill the resulting chips, sawdust, branches.Such mulch to retain moisture in the soil and will not allow weeds to multiply that prevent the strengthening of the young bushes.The earlier the weed beds, the better new bushes will grow and become stronger.The manure will not only fertilize the soil, but also to maintain the necessary humidity.

Care culture in October

How to handle Victoria autumn, namely in October?At this time, spend mulching the soil layer of 5 cm. It is best suited for this purpose sawdust or peat.In the future, cover the beds of spruce branches.In the autumn also prepare the ground for planting in the spring of Victoria.For this mid-season plowed land 30 cm but not loosened.In this form, leave the winter.

How to handle Victoria in the fall, if there is a warm, dry weather?In this case, it is recommended to shed a culture of good: the soil should be soaked for 30 cm or more.If, during the warm days to plant the flowers appear, they should be removed.Aisle dripped, and the beds sprinkled with manure, fertilizer "Kemira" and a layer of ash.

Victoria can feed humus.To do this, in the deciduous forest remove and discard the top layer of dry leaves nedognivshimi, then take a leaf humus and make a culture.The result is always stunning.The process

Victoria after fruiting from pests and diseases?To prevent the development of diseases and pests breeding, Victoria sprayed means "fitosporin."From the appearance of botrytis saves water solution of copper oxychloride from mildew - water with potassium permanganate or colloidal sulfur.There are ready-made preparations for a treat Victoria after harvest - "Akhtar", "Intavir", "Zeon" "Karate".

Care Victoria in November

How to handle Victoria for the winter?It is the most urgent issue at the end of the fall season.Remontant varieties of harbor film.In November, put snow stop, as well as traps for small rodents.In late autumn the beds can be filled needles, and in the spring it otgresti from the base of the bushes to quickly warm the earth.When the snow falls, it throws it to the area where it grows Victoria and compacted.

If berries are grown in the open ground, their roots are sensitive to frost because it has shallow.In the northern regions and areas where there are severe frosts, cover the beds should be straw or twigs."Heater" is not trampled, so as not to impede access of air.The lack of oxygen leads to the development of fungal diseases.To cover can also be used burlap, sackcloth or cotton canvas.Do not use for warming the canvas as beneath Victoria preet and rot.

Easy care, prevention of breeding pests, shelter beds for the winter will ensure a good harvest next summer.The more we take care of the plants, the tastier and better grow berries.