The river above the river: an amazing Magdeburg Water Bridge!

the world there are many attractions that deserve special attention.One such amazing wonders of the world - Magdeburg Water Bridge.It is literally a river above the river, because it is a water canal, overlooking the Elbe.

This is an amazing building of modern bridge building located in the German city of Magdeburg.Water Bridge connects the Mittellandkanal away the Elbe-Havel.This miracle of engineering art has no analogues in the world."The river above the river" - is the best description of the most famous bridge in Europe channel.

Magdeburg bridge is a canal that literally hangs in the air above the river on barges and move it ships.This unique bridge-aqueduct is only used for the crossing of ships and pedestrians, ground transportation does not go through it.To see this, just look at the Magdeburg Water Bridge.Photos of this building are striking for its beauty and grandeur.

History bridge

idea of ​​construction of the bridge began to be realized around 1930.The first stage was completed and commissioned in 1938.But the beginning of the Second World War, and then the division of Germany was not allowed to continue further construction.

After the war, Magdeburg was on the territory of the Republic of East Germany, but her government did not want to finish building an expensive and complex structure.Continuation of construction became possible only after the unification of Germany.Erected this grand bridge for six years, from June 1997 to October 2003.

practical purpose bridge

This huge bridge over the legendary river Elbe has a length of 918 meters, of which 690 m are on the ground and 228 m hangingabove the water.Depth Centres - 4.25 m, width - 34 m, and the maximum span - 106 meters.At its construction it has been spent 24,000 tons of steel and 68,000 cubic meters of concrete.

on the implementation of the stunning engineering ideas were spent huge amount of money - more than 500 million euros.But, as time has shown, the bridge is worth it!

construction costs are justified by the reduction path crossing ships from Berlin to Hanover and others heavily loaded Rhine port at 12 km.Before the construction of the bridge of the court made a long detour over the Elbe, and in the summer, when the water level in the river is greatly reduced, all water movement virtually stopped.Now these problems are solved.Every year on the bridge is transported over 1,300 tons of cargo.

The attractive Magdeburg Bridge?

River over the River - the famous Magdeburg Bridge - considered one of the main attractions of Germany.Just impossible to describe its grandeur and glory.It is particularly surprising to look at the ships and barges sailing on another river on the bridge channel, hanging in the air.After all, in nature can not be found for this phenomenon to a river flowing right over the other.Every year in Magdeburg thousands of tourists come to admire this wonderful water route.

Everybody can close look at this beauty.Especially for tourists on the bridge are equipped with hiking and biking sidewalks.You can also visit a small museum, which highlights all the details long enough to build this unique water crossing.Provided parking for vehicles.The bridge is open around the clock.Happy is interesting to observe the huge cargo barges and colorful passenger vessels.And at night - for fascinating shimmering moonlight water surface.

water recreation lovers can take a river cruise on board the world's only ship lift for small pleasure craft.Water tours are offered every day, so to appreciate the beauty of the buildings, like a river over the river can be both from the land and from the water.

How to get to the bridge?

From the center of Magdeburg Water Bridge on foot to walk for about half an hour.But in the city center, you can rent a bike, it's much easier way, and the excursion will be more comfortable and interesting.For travelers who prefer boat trips, organized special routes through ferry and boat lifts, they go from the center of Magdeburg, and then come back.

Magdeburg - attractions

Not just the famous bridge water attracts tourists to this German city.It has other attractions Magdeburg.Germany is famous for its rich history and unique architecture.During their stay in this ancient city you can visit the stunning in its beauty Cathedral of St. Catherine and St. Mauritius, which in ancient times was considered the center of the "Third Rome."

The square Alter Markt, right in front of the town hall, is a copy of the legendary monument of architecture in Germany "Magdeburg Horseman."

considered the most popular tourist route, called "The Road of romance."It is a jewel of the Monastery of the Holy Virgin Mary.Here you will be, and other charming in its beauty the monasteries, churches and parks.

How to get to Magdeburg?

The easiest and most economical way to get to Magdeburg - this book tickets to both sides.Better to stay in the city center, in one of its many hotels.

One has only to consider that you will need a Schengen visa, so plan your trip in advance.But what you will see, of course, justifies any trouble.Beauty Magdeburg unique architectural delights and is remembered for a long time.