Dead fish what dreams?

not too pleased when the sight of a dead fish there.Why dream of such an unusual way, you need to find out on the details.But in general, all downers converge in one: you are waiting for changes that did not cause joy.

women dead fish what dreams

living water for the inhabitants of a beautiful lady - a sign of impending pregnancy.The situation is different if the dead fish.Then you need to interpret the reverse.To dream of dead fish - a possible unwanted pregnancy.Those who are not planning children (or contraindicated) should exercise extreme caution.Yet this dream can talk about disorders in the genital area.Any woman after such a vision should see a doctor.It is likely that the disease is already implicit harm your reproductive function.So you do not regret, need to be treated, to defer to anything.Dream of dead fish in the aquarium, then stumble on insincerity in a friendly circle.Some of tune with you.The smiling face, and behind dissolves evil gossip.

pregnant dead fish what dreams

For the expectant mother is one of the most dangerous images.In the early period, he may portend a miscarriage.The most likely course of events - the failure of pregnancy as a result of negative experiences.Women who have had a long time, this dream may portend premature birth.Alas, the fruit can not be saved.Women who saw this dream, recommended rest and special care.If you had a lot of dead fish, perhaps a dangerous disease for moms.Only ready-made food from marine life does not carry a negative meaning to a pregnant woman.This dream portends a way out of the depression, a good mood.

dead fish Men's what dreams

by men catch the defective can dream on two occasions.If he just saw a dead fish, which means that it will cause the initiator and expensive for a gap relationship.Fatal error encourage him to distrust the woman he loves and taking wrong decisions.Warning: you may regret his actions.Do not make decisions in the heat of anger.If the man saw that he had caught a huge fish, and she was dead, so he loses there, where he hoped to get.Sleep warned that his risk in the financial sector is not justified, and plunge it into bankruptcy.Seeing the large number of dead fish, dead as a result of ecological disaster - a decline in professional activities.You will be a period of stagnation, when no action will be able to push off the ground well-established business.You just have to wait.The young man this dream foretells trouble with studies.Students - the loss of scholarships.

value of sleep for young women

beauty dead fish swam to sleep in trouble with the cavalry.It is possible, and lying, and pregnancy (unplanned).Possibly a very dangerous acquaintance.If the Cavaliers is no, then the health of women at risk.And the study goes to C grade with a minus.Dream of dead fish - very bad.It is better to tell the current tap water and to forget.